Forex and Indices – Daily Update – 06.08.18


Fundamental Overview

The U.S. Dollar leads the market sentiment.

Monday’s trading session starts with the US Dollar Index gaining 0.21 per cent against the main currencies. The Aussie Dollar dips 0.19 per cent expecting for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interest rate decision which will take place in the overnight session. The analysts’ consensus does not expect changes in the monetary policy decision which should remain at 1.5 per cent, this despite the inflation (YoY) reached the 2.1 per cent, beating the 2 per cent RBA’s target.




Technical Analysis



The EURUSD pair in the 1-hour chart is moving bearish, below the first daily support located at 1.1547 and the second daily support at 1.1528. For long positions, the price should close above the breakdown candle at 1.1566, with a potential profit target in the first daily resistance at 1.1597. In the short position case, the second daily support breakdown could drive to the confluence between the third daily support and the first weekly support at  1.15015. Consider that this level could act as a potential reversal level.


The Cable is moving bearish and is the worst performer of the session falling more than 0.5 per cent. The GBPUSD pair is testing the first weekly support at 1.2924. The bearish movement continuation could send the price to the third daily support at 1.28999, consider this level as a potential reversal zone. For bullish positions, the price should break above the breakdown candle at 1.2968 level, with a potential profit target in the daily pivot level at 1.30055.



The Swiss currency, from the past week, has moved bullish in five clear moves, currently is testing the confluence zone between the first weekly resistance and the second daily resistance on the 0.9986 area. A breakout of this level could carry to the price to reach the third daily resistance located at 1.0007 level. In the opposite case, the reversal move from the current zone could drive to fall to the weekly pivot level situated at 0.99238.


After the Friday 03 breakdown candle, the EURCAD cross consolidates between the daily pivot at 1.50490 and near to the first daily support at 1.50113. A breakdown below 1.50113 as a bearish continuation, could pull the price to touch the second daily support located at 1.4967 level. For the contrary, the breakout and close above 1.50490, could lead to the EURCAD to re-test the previous high at 1.51009 level.


EURNZD cross is running slightly bullish inside of an upper degree sideways structure. The price is testing the zone between the weekly pivot and the daily pivot on the range between 1.7166 and 1.7170. For long positions, the price should break and close above 1.7170, with a potential target in the first weekly support at 1.7210. For short positions, the breakdown and close below 1.7133 should drag the price to the second weekly support at 1.70546 level.

FTSE 100

FTSE 100 in the first trading session of the week, is moving in a limited range between 7,635 and 7,679 pts., which could be characterised by the stational August lower volatility. For long positions the price should break above 7,679 pts., and could push to the British index to the HHL level at 7,740 pts. For the contrarian, the selling side should be valued if the price breaks under 7,635 pts., with a potential target in the first daily support located at 7,601 pts.

DAX 30

In the last four hours, DAX 30 is moving below the weekly pivot level, in a range between the 12,541 and 12,615 pts. After the DAX made the “V-Turn” in the first hours of the Monday session, testing the low of the Tuesday 02 session at 12,706 pts., we foresee that this level will be relevant short-term so we need to stalk it. Long positions should be considered as long as the price breaks and close above 12,615, with a potential target on the first weekly resistance at 12,653 pts. For short positions, the German index should breaks under the low of the day at 12,541, with a potential target on the first weekly support at 12,452 pts.