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Daily F.X. Analysis, November 19 – Top Trade Setups In Forex – U.S. Jobless Claims in Focus! 

The economic calendar is filled with medium impact economic events such as Unemployment Claims, C.B. Leading Index m/m, and Existing Home Sales from the United States on the news front. Besides, the Current Account from the Eurozone will also remain in the highlights today. The market may show some price action during the U.S. session on the release of U.S. Jobless Claims.

Economic Events to Watch Today  



EUR/USD – Daily Analysis

The EUR/USD pair was closed at 1.18539 after placing a high of 1.18908 and a low of 1.18491. The EUR/USD pair dropped on Wednesday after placing gains for four consecutive days. The EUR/USD pair remained on an upbeat track last days amid the market sentiment’s risk-on market sentiment due to the vaccine optimism. The riskier currencies gathered strength against the safe-havens like the USD and posted gains over the last week. However, on Wednesday, the EUR/USD pair started to decline as Europe’s lockdown situation started to raise fears for economic recovery.

However, the second wave of the coronavirus in Europe started to show signs of slowing. The latest numbers showed a stabilization in new cases in Germany, Spain, Italy and a decline in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Despite this, the experts have warned that it was too early to get complacent. The lockdowns and tough social restrictions were reintroduced across numerous European countries in October due to the increased spread of the second wave of coronavirus. These restrictions have been placing a threat on European nations’ economic recovery and weighed on Euro currency that has dragged the EUR/USD pair down on Wednesday.

On the data front, at 02:00 GMT, the TC Long Term Purchases from the U.S. raised to 108.9B against the forecasted 41.5B and supported the U.S. dollar that ultimately added losses in the EUR/USD pair. At 18:30 GMT, the Building Permits from October remained flat with the anticipations of 1.55M. The Housing Starts were raised to 1.53M from the projected 1.45M and supported the U.S. dollar that weighed on EUR/USD pair on Wednesday.

From the European side, at 15:00 GMT, the Final CPI for the year came in line with the expectations of -0.3%. The Final CPI for the year also remained flat as expected, 0.2%. European data failed to impact the EUR/USD pair on Wednesday, and the pair continued following the U.S. dollar’s movement.

The losses in the EUR/USD pair were limited after the risk sentiment was improved in the market due to the latest optimism regarding the coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer and BioNtech announced that they would be filing for emergency authorization of their vaccine in the coming days from the U.S. This raised the optimism that vaccines will soon be available in the market, and the chaos will be lifted from the economy, and it will start to recover. The riskier currency Euro gained traction and capped further losses in the EUR/USD pair on Wednesday.

Daily   Technical Levels

Support Resistance

1.1836      1.1880

1.1820      1.1908

1.1791      1.1924

Pivot point: 1.1864

EUR/USD– Trading Tip

The EUR/USD is trading with a bearish bias at the 1.1844 level, having violated an upward trendline on the hourly chart. On the lower side, the support stays at 1.1832, and below this, the EUR/USD may find next support at 1.1814. On the higher side, the resistance can be found at the 1.1867 level. The bullish bias remains dominants today as the MACD and 50 periods EMA support a bullish trend. We are already holding a buying trade from yesterday; therefore, you are advised to follow our forex signals page for more updates on the EUR/USD pair. 

GBP/USD – Daily Analysis

The GBP/USD closed at 1.32670 after placing a high of 1.33120 and a low of 1.32410. The pair GBP/USD continued its bullish momentum for the 4th consecutive day on Wednesday and reached near 1.33200 level. The latest rise in the GBP/USD pair was driven by the growing hopes that a Brexit deal could be within reach after the French President Emmanuel Macron was ready to cave in on demands from the U.K. for full sovereignty waters that will likely rein in access for French fishermen.

This news raised hopes for a Brexit deal before the end of the transition period and supported the British Pound that ultimately lifted the GBP/USD pair higher on board. The Irish Minister Micheal Martin also said that a landing zone for an agreement was within sight just a day ahead of the European Union Summit when the E.U. Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will brief E.U. leaders about the two weeks of talks held with the U.K.

Chances are increased that an agreement will be made as soon as Monday and will be approved within a week, most likely at the next E.U. Summit on December 10. After that, the European Parliament would have to rubberstamp the agreement to ensure a deal was placed before the end of the transition period on Dec.31st.

All these hopes lifted the British Pound as the chances of a deal were clear for the first time, and things were going in favor of the U.K. However, analysts were concerned that inflation was likely to slow in the months ahead. The GBP/USD pair picked up its pace towards an upward direction due to renewed Brexit optimism and reached near 1.3200 level on Wednesday. On the data front, At 12:00 GMT, the Consumer Price Index for the year raised to 0.7% from the expected 0.5% and supported the Sterling. The year’s Core CPI also raised to 1.5% against the anticipated 1.3% and supported British Pound. The RPI from the U.K. also rose to 1.3% from the expected 1.2% and supported British Pound that ultimately added further gains in GBP/USD pair. At 12:02 GMT, the PPI Input for October surged to 0.2% against the expected 0.0% and supported the British Pound. At the same time, the PPI Output in October remained flat with the expectations of 0.0%. The Housing Price Index from the U.K. also surged to 4.7% against the forecasted 2.9% and supported the British Pound.

The U.K.’s positive macroeconomic data supported the British Pound against the U.S. dollar and raised the GBP/USD pair on Wednesday.

While from the U.S. side, at 02:00 GMT, the TC Long Term Purchases rose to 108.9B against the anticipated 41.5B and supported the U.S. dollar. At 18:30 GMT, the Building Permits for October remained flat with the projections of 1.55M. The Housing Starts surged to 1.53M from the anticipated 1.45M and supported the U.S. dollar that ultimately capped further gains in GBP/USD pair on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Bank of England’s Chief Economist Andy Haldane said that the economic outlook for 2021 was materially brighter than he had expected just a few weeks ago despite the short-term uncertainty from a renewed coronavirus lockdown in England. He said that Britain’s economy shrank by almost 20% in the second quarter of 2020, more than any other peer economy, and at the end of September, it was still 8.4% smaller than a year before. He struck a somewhat positive note in line with his previous assessments of Britain’s recovery on Wednesday that raised the British Pound on board against the U.S. dollar. This also benefited the GBP/USD pair on Wednesday, and hence, the pair ended its day with a bullish candle.

Daily Technical Levels

Support   Resistance

1.3155      1.3236

1.3118      1.3280

1.3073      1.3317

Pivot point: 1.3199

GBP/USD– Trading Tip

The GBP/USD pair is trading bullish at the 1.3279 level, holding over the 1.3227 support level, which is extended by an upward trendline on a 2-hour timeframe. The Cable is likely to face immediate resistance at the 1.3297 area, which will be confirmed if the candle starts closing below this level. However, the bullish breakout of the 1.3297 level can drive further upside movement until the 1.3370 level today. 

USD/JPY – Daily Analysis

The USD/JPY pair was closed at 103.795 after placing a high of 104.207 and a low of 103.650. The currency pair USD/JPY remained bearish for the 5th consecutive session on Wednesday and dragged its prices below the 103.700 level. The USD/JPY pair was extending its losses due to the U.S. dollar weakness on Wednesday despite the latest optimism regarding the coronavirus vaccine. On Wednesday, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was 95% effective in its study and planning to seek authorization within days.

This news added to the market’s risk sentiment and supported the equity market by providing a 0.45% gain to Dow Jones and 0.04% to NASDAQ. The latest news from Pfizer and BioNtech failed to impress the market, and the pair USD/JPY continued following the U.S. dollar’s weakness on Wednesday.

The currency pair was under pressure as the coronavirus situation was getting worse day by day in the U.S. as the death toll surpassed 250,000 level in the major economy. According to Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus has cost almost 250,180 American lives so far, and the count was increasing day by day. This raised fears that more restrictions could be imposed in many states, which would slow down the economic recovery. These fears weighed in the local currency U.S. dollar, and hence, USD/JPY remained under pressure for the 5th consecutive session on Wednesday.

Given the rising number of infections in the country, the States like California and Illinois stretched their restrictions to battle the rising number of cases as any financial aid package was not close to being delivered by Congress. The rising number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. has forced U.S. officials to announce that public schools in New York City will close again on Thursday as the city has reached a 3% coronavirus test positivity rate. These fears also kept the U.S. dollar under pressure on Wednesday.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urged the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resume talks related to the coronavirus relief package. However, McConnell was insisting on a targeted package. The U.S. dollar came under further pressure after the hopes for the talks for further stimulus package increased and weighed on the USD/JPY pair.

On the data front, at 02:00 GMT, the TC Long Term Purchases surged to 108.9B from the expected 41.5B and supported the U.S. dollar. At 18:30 GMT, the Building Permits for October came in line with the projections of 1.55M. The Housing Starts rose to 1.53M from the expected 1.45M and supported the U.S. dollar that ultimately capped further losses in the USD/JPY on Wednesday. On the Japanese side, the Trade Balance for October raised to 0.31T against the 0.11T and supported the Japanese Yen that added further pressure on the USD/JPY pair on Wednesday.

Daily Technical Levels

Support   Resistance

103.58      104.16

103.32      104.48

102.99      104.74

Pivot point: 103.90

USD/JPY – Trading Tips

The USD/JPY extends its bearish trend below the 104.430 level, falling from the 104.850 support area. On the lower side, the USD/JPY pair is likely to find support at the 103.800 level, and violation of this level can also extend further selling bias until 103.227. On the higher side, the USD/JPY safe-haven pair may find resistance at 104.400 and may help us capture a selling trades below this level as the MACD and RSI support the selling trend today. Good luck! 


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