Archos Safe-T Mini wallet Review: Features, Security, Ease of Use, Pros, and Cons?

Safe T Mini is an offline hardware wallet developed by Archos – the French Multinational electronics manufacturer – and introduced to the market in July 2018. It is an ultra-safe secure element hosted on a small circular device made of polycarbonate material. It is an off-shoot and the more affordable alternative of Archos flagship – Safe T Touch hardware wallet. But apart from the visual difference between the two Archos hardware devices, they share a similar commitment to maintaining user funds safe.

In this Safe T Mini hardware wallet review, we will be detailing some of the operational and security features embraced by the wallet. We will also look at how they have impacted Safe T’s ease of use, the number of supported cryptos and compare it to similar hardware wallets. More importantly, we will tell you if Safe T Mini is indeed a safe crypto hardware wallet.


Archos Safe T key features

On-device screen: Archos Safe T Mini hardware wallet features a small OLED screen that you can use to check your crypto balance offline and authenticating transaction details for outbound transfers.

Navigation buttons: Below the screen of the Safe T hardware device are two big navigation buttons. Their key role in helping you navigate the hardware device, especially when checking and confirming outbound crypto transfers.

Web Extension controlled: Given the relatively small screen of the hardware device, most of the Safe T Mini operations like initiating crypto transfers and tracking your portfolio are executed via the Safe T web extension. But unlike most other wallets that will connect to virtually any web browser, you will need a special software bridge (compatible with Windows, Linux, or macOS) to connect the hardware device and the extension.

Compatible with software wallets: Safe T Mini hardware wallet is also compatible with several other software wallets, including Electrum, MyEtherWallet, and MyCrypto. Linking the hardware wallet with either of these software wallets helps boost the wallet’s efficiency and increases the number of supported currencies.

Security features

Passcode: When setting up the Safe T Mini hardware wallet, you will be required to set up a six-digit passcode that serves as its primary security feature. You are also advised to support this with a multi-character password when you link it to either of the supported software wallets.

Recovery seed: Safe T Mini allows for the recovery of private keys should you lose access to the hardware device. That’s why you will be provided with a 24-word backup seed that you can use to restore wallets and recover private keys. For added security, these are generated by the hardware device offline and not by the web extension.

Two-factor authentication: Even though most Safe T wallet transactions are initiated via the web extension, they must be signed and verified by the hardware device.

Open source: Safe T mini hardware wallet is also built on an open-sourced technology. Its source code is available for viewing and auditing by its users and blockchain/crypto security experts. You can access this code on the Safe T Mini hardware’s page on GitHub.

Secure element: Safe T Mini hardware features a hack/tamper-proof secure element that stores your private keys. It is a combination of the ultra-safe and highly encrypted chipset memory as well as a Secured Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.

Cold storage: Safe T Mini stores all your private keys and any other sensitive data in the hardware device 100% offline. None of this information is recorded or stored in Archos servers.

Key deletion tool: If you enter the hardware device’s PIN code incorrectly four consecutive times, you will trigger the key erasure protocol to delete all the wallet content and lock the devices.

How to set and activate the Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet

Step 1: After purchasing the Safe T Mini hardware device, download the software bridge that’s compatible with your computer device from the website

Step 2: Install the software and connect the device to the computer using its USB cable.

Step 3: The hardware device is pre-loaded with a firmware that will automatically initiate the wallet activation process

Step 4: On the activation popup window, click “Install Firmware.”

Step 5: After successful installation, unplug and then reconnect the hardware device.

Step 6: The wallet has been successfully connected to the computer

Step 7: Now use the device to generate the 24-words recovery seed and write it down

Step 8: Choose a Username for your wallet

Step 9: Create a unique 6-digit passcode for the hardware device

Step 10: The wallet is now active and ready for use. Now you can start generating wallet addresses for the cryptos and tokens you want to store here.

How to add/receive Crypto into your Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Safe T Mini wallet web extension page and click on “Receive.”

Step 2: Copy the wallet address or the QR code

Step 3: Send them to the individual or exchange sending you Crypto

Step 4: Wait for funds to reflect on your app.

How to send Crypto from your Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet

Step 1: Log in to your Safe T Mini wallet web extension and click ‘Send’ on the user dashboard.

Step 2: From the list of cryptos and tokens hosted on the wallet, select the coin you want to transfer

Step 3: On the transfer window, enter the recipient’s wallet address

Step 4: Enter the number of coins you wish to send and hit send.

Step 5: Connect the Safe T hardware device to the computer and sign in to authorize the transaction.


Link the hardware wallet with such software wallets as Electrum or MyCrypto that have an easier sending and receiving Crypto process.

Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet ease of use

Safe T Mini is relatively easy to use. It features an on-device screen that is complimented by a clean and easily navigable user interface for the Safe T web extension. And though one may consider its onboarding process to be complex and too laborious for a beginner crypto trader/investor, it is quite straightforward. Moreover, one can link the Safe T hardware wallet with the more convenient and easier to use software wallets.

Most importantly, the multilingual Archos website (available in 5 languages) contains numerous videos and explanatory guides that you can use to guide your interaction with the wallet.

Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet supported currencies.

Archos Safe T Mini is a multicurrency hardware wallet. And though its website claims that the wallet supports over 75% of all cryptocurrencies and tokens, we found it interesting that you can’t store some hugely popular cryptos like Ripple (XRP).

Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet cost and fees

Safe T Mini hardware wallet has its retail price capped at $59.99 or €49.99.

Storing coins and interacting with most other aspects of the wallet is free, but you will have to pay blockchain network fees every time your send cryptos and tokens to other wallets and exchanges. This fee is collected by blockchain miners or network administrators and not Archos.

Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet customer support

Archos has a highly responsive customer support team. Safe T Mini wallet users can contact this team via phone for after-sales services, email, or direct message them on such social media platforms as Twitter and Telegram.

What are the pros and cons of using the Archos Safe-T Mini Wallet?


  • Safe T Mini wallet has embraced a host of highly effective security measures, including 2FA and data encryption.
  • It is relatively inexpensive when compared to other hardware wallets like Safe T Touch.
  • It is hugely transparent and is built on an open-sourced technology.
  • Safe T Mini is ultra-light (12g) and thus highly portable.


  • The wallet doesn’t support some leading cryptocurrencies like Ripple.
  • It is not beginner-friendly

Comparing Archos Safe-T Mini wallet with other hardware wallets

Archos Safe-T Mini wallet vs. Ledger Nano S wallet

Safe T Mini and Ledger Nano are both highly secure and transparent hardware wallets. They both support a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens and embrace a multi-layered security protocol around. For instance, they both have the two-factor authentication functionality enabled, they are built on an open-sourced technology, and store client private keys and personal data in 100% offline vaults.

However, some of the differences between the two include the fact that Ledger has a more solid reputation. It supports a larger number of coins and cryptos (including all the popular cryptocurrencies) and can be considered more beginner-friendly. Safe T Mini wallet, on the other hand, has a more responsive customer support system.

Verdict: Is the Archos Safe-T Mini hardware wallet safe?

Safe T Mini hardware wallet is a safe wallet and has reliable and highly effective security measures. These include two-factor authentication, storing client funds in 100% offline storage, key erasure tool, military-grade encryption of user data/private keys, and providing wallet users with a recovery seed. You only have to part with the $59.99 acquisition cost.


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