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2local – Environmentally Conscious, Blockchain-Powered Marketplace

Environmental sustainability is an issue that keeps a lot of environment-conscious people awake at night these days. With scientists ringing the alarm louder than ever before, many people are becoming more aware of the need to participate in actions that contribute to a safer, cleaner environment.

And with blockchain slowly taking over industries, it was only a matter of time before we heard of the technology being tapped to mitigate the climate crisis. Its immutable record-keeping, transparency, and accuracy are just some of the qualities that make it an excellent tool for this end.


2local is a Netherlands-based entity that’s leading the way in the environmental-sustainability endeavor – while relying on a powerful blockchain-powered system. But 2local also seems to have other high ambitions in addition to saving the environment.

Let’s dig into the organization’s background, the intriguing way it hopes to integrate blockchain to promote environmental sustainability and its cryptocurrency, the L2L token.

What is 2local?

2local is a blockchain-enabled platform running on the Stellar platform that seeks to promote environmental sustainability and growth and prosperity for all. On the platform, consumers can connect with companies that sell sustainable, locally produced, high-quality goods, and services. The platform operates on a cashback and loyalty system in which consumers, via the use of the native L2L stablecoin, can receive a cashback for purchasing goods from these companies. 

Backed by professionals from the maritime, finance, tech, business, market research, entrepreneurship, and so on, the project seems poised to benefit from a wealth of experience.

2local operates on a three-pillar model to address what it terms as a “man-made crisis” of hunger, inequality, and climate change. These are “a local lens, a cashback system, both deeply rooted in blockchain.” Its local lens encourages companies to go local while encouraging people to buy these locally made products. The cashback system compensates people for purchasing locally made products, while the platform’s blockchain provides a fast, secure, and transparent system.

2local is the first company in the blockchain space to design a smart market model that connects businesses with the end-user, with both parties being given an incentive to preserve the environment.

The L2L Token

All transactions on the platform are conducted via the platform’s native L2L token. L2L tokens can be stored in digital wallets specially designed for the platform. Set to be launched in 2021, L2L is an algorithm-based stablecoin, ensuring users can trade with it without the risk of volatility-triggered losses.

Using the L2L token gets users rewarded with a monthly cashback. Also, when you use the token, you save on high transfer fees. 

The Environment, Blockchain, and 2local

Countless studies continue to show that global temperatures have reached new highs thanks to man-made carbon emissions. Blockchain has been touted and is being explored as one of the potential solutions to this problem. Thanks to its verification potential, the technology could bring a different way of doing things when it comes to mitigating the effects of climate change.

2local is one of the organizations tapping into this potential. Thanks to a blockchain-powered system, it’s easy to track the origin of a product and verify if it’s indeed made with local materials. Locally made goods help promote sustainability by reducing transport miles.

This is because the more the transportation miles, the more harmful gases are released into the environment. The need to transport materials across territories also drives the need for more fuel consumption, which ravages the environment even more.


2local couldn’t be more an organization of the times (or is it the future?) than with its ambitious plans of making the world a better place – while being aided by blockchain, a revolutionary idea in itself. The truth is, blockchain and the need for environmental sustainability are both ideas that simply refuse to be ignored. For this reason, we think 2local is one to watch.


By Edith M.

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, commodities, forex, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrency investments.

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