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Zcash – Sell A Retest

Zcash (ZEC)

Market Cap: $947.69

Circulating Supply: 3.89M ZEC


Max Supply: 0 ZEC

Volume (24h) $60.13M


ZEC/USD dropped significantly in the last days as expected. The current drop is somehow natural after the false breakout above the downtrend line and after the failure to approach and reach the 50% Fibonacci line again.

The cryptocurrencies are into a down move again after the short-term rebound. Please read my analysis on this crypto (Zcash breakout still in cards) and you’ll notice that I’ve said that the rate will maintain a bullish perspective only if it will stay within the ascending pitchfork’s body, and if it will make a valid breakout from the chart pattern.


The false breakout above the downtrend line has invalidated a further increase and has signalled a reversal on the short term. ZEC/USD is pressuring the lower median line (LML) of the ascending pitchfork. The breakdown needs confirmation, so only a retest of the broken dynamic support will confirm a further drop.

The price could make a sharp drop from now, but it should turn back towards the LML to retest it. A great selling opportunity will appear after a retest of the LML and maybe after a false breakout above the LML followed by a significant drop.

ZEC/USD is expected to drop further if the other major cryptocurrencies will resume the bearish movement.


ZEC/USD is under massive selling pressure and could reach fresh new lows without a retest of the broken LML. You’ll have a great selling opportunity if the rate will come back to retest the broken dynamic because you could place your Stop Loss above a lower high. The next downside target will be at the 173.02 and at the 150% Fibonacci line.


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