MTL/USD Symmetrical Triangle?


Metal (MTL)

Market Cap: $86.24M

Circulating Supply: 24.21M MTL


Max Supply: MTL

Volume (24h) $11.89M

Technical Analysis

MTL/USD changed little today and continues to be under pressure on the Daily chart. It approaches a critical support, so a valid breakdown will confirm a further drop. The price has developed an important chart pattern. It remains to see the breakout direction. MTL/USD has made a false breakout in the last days, which could attract more seller’s on the short term.

However, it is premature to say that we’ll have a further drop because anything could change when the rate will touch the dynamic support.


It moves sideways on the daily chart, but this range will end soon because it cannot move like this forever. The crypto is trapped within the upside 50% Fibonacci line and the downside 50% Fibonacci line of the descending pitchfork.

Personally, I believe that a rejection from the minor uptrend line and a failure to approach and reach the downside 50% Fibonacci line will signal an oversold and a potential upside movement.

Unfortunately, it has failed to make a valid breakout above the (SL) and above the median line (ml) of the descending pitchfork, signalling that the bears are very strong.

A false breakdown below the downside line of the chart pattern followed by an impressive jump above the median line (ml) and above the outside sliding parallel line (SL) could signal a broader upside movement.


We could buy Metal (MTL) if it will remain within the chart pattern’s body, and if it will stabilise above the median line (ml). We’ll have an important upside target at the warning line (WL1) of the descending pitchfork. However, a valid breakdown from the mentioned triangle will send the rate to at least the 50% line. A valid breakdown below the downside 50% line will give us a great chance to go short.