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Universal Alert MT4 Indicator Review

Universal Alert MT4 is a trading indicator that was launched within the mql5 marketplace in February of 2019 by developer Alfiya Fazylova. As of April 2020, it has not received any updates.


Universal Alert MT4 is a notification system that provides traders with seven different types of signal alerts from any custom indicator. The seven different types of signals include:

  • IntersectionPrice
  • IntersectionOscillator
  • RepulsedPrice
  • RepulsedOscillator
  • Emergence
  • CrossingLine

The above covers the intersection of oscillator/indicator lines from a specified level, price rebound from the indicator line, repulsion of the oscillator line from a specified level, and so on. When entering input parameters, it is crucial to follow the author’s rules, which are outlined in a chart in the product’s description.

Service Cost

Traders can either rent the product for $10 USD per month or purchase it for $30 USD. If you’re interested, a free demo version is also available for testing.


Universal Alert MT4 provides traders with several different types of signal alerts. The concept is pretty straightforward and the alert system should work correctly as long as the author’s input rules are followed. Unfortunately, this product hasn’t received any ratings or comments since it was launched, so we don’t have any feedback to review. Those that feel that this product would be convenient for providing alert notifications should take all of these things into consideration, along with the $10 – $30 price.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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