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Ultimate Moving Average Crossover Multi-Pair MTF Review

Ultimate Moving Average Crossover Multi Pair MTF is currently located on the MQL5 marketplace under the indicators section, we have provided a direct link to the indicator below. Created by Yossarian Escobedo, the indicator was first uploaded on the MQL5 marketplace on the 5th of November 2018, when it was uploaded it was already on version 2.67 and there have been no further updates.


Ultimate Moving Average Crossover Multi Pair MTF is an indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it was created to help find the various different types of moving average crossovers. These then help the indicator give a clear buy or sell order.


The main features of the indicator:

-This indicator monitors all 28 pairs by default. But you can monitor as few (or as many) pairs as you wish.
-It can monitor any symbol in your Metatrader platform. Including crypto, commodities, indices, equities, ETF’s, etc.
-It can monitor every timeframe from 1 Minute to Monthly. All at the same time.
-It will automatically trigger an alert whenever the appropriate crossovers are identified.
-It can monitor crossovers for anywhere between 2 and 5 moving averages (2, 3, 4, or 5).
-It can monitor several moving average calculation methods (simple, exponential, smoothed, and linear weighted).

You only need to place the indicator on to a single chart, it will then be able to monitor and scan the entire market.

There are also a number of parameters that come with the indicator, these allow you to alter the functions and display of the indicator to better suit your needs. Some of the options include the number of moving averages to use, the moving average period, the moving average method, to have candle alerts, bulling alerts, bearing alerts, minutes between each alert, and which symbols to use.

Service Cost

The indicator can be purchased outright for $79 which will give you unlimited access without any limitations, there is also the option to rent the indicator, you can do this on a monthly basis which will cost you $59 per month, you can also rent if for three months and will cost you $69 per three month period.

There is also a free demo version available, unfortunately, the site does not detail what the demo version involves and what the limitations of the free version are, even without knowing the limitations, it is worth downloading the free version just to try out the indicator free of charge.


There are just two reviews available, both of them are very positive giving an overall rating of 5 out of 5.

“The best indicator in the market to find the Moving Avrange signal! here you don’t buy just an indicator but also an amazing service. Mike is a person more kindly and skilled that I’ve ever known. Thank you” – A 5-star review.

“Great indicator that lives up to what they claimed. I have purchased a lot of indicators over the years. Not only is this a great indicator, but I have never had any company put forth so much effort to make sure I know how to best use the indicator and be so willing to give detailed responses to my questions. The highest kudos to them for a quality product and outstanding customer support.” – A 5-star review.

There aren’t many reviews but the two available are very positive, the creator of the indicator has a large number of other software available on the MQL5 marketplace and each one is getting very positive reviews and the developer seems to be actively engaging in their comment sections, we had to check them as the comment section for this indicator is empty. As there aren’t too many reviews, we would strongly suggest that you try out the free version, even though we do not know the limitations of it, we would also suggest sending any queries you have to the developer, this was you can make sure that the indicator will suit your needs prior to making a purchase or rental.

This Forex service is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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