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The Bitcoin Halving Is Coming! Why Should You Be Buying Alts?



Making an insane profit from the Bitcoin Halving

Cryptocurrencies have made many people millionaires, and they will yet again. One of the biggest and fastest wealth distribution events in modern history is exactly the creation of cryptocurrencies. Events that severely impact the supply or demand of an asset are rarely known in advance, which is not the case with Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s halving event is widely known, and that makes Bitcoin extremely unique.

Bitcoin Halving

The event called the halving makes the supply of new Bitcoin coming onto the market cut in half. This is by design and happens approximately every four years. Shrinking supply, when combined with growing demand, is a proven recipe for a price increase. The halving presents an opportunity for regular people to invest a small amount of money and walk away with hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We know the Bitcoin halving will happen in May, and that the supply of Bitcoin will shrink as miners will be rewarded 50% less than up until then. Each time the halving happened, the prices soared. The first halving in 2012 brought Bitcoin’s price up 2,135%. The second halving in 2016 managed to propel Bitcoin’s price 3,122% over the next 18 months.

While most investors know about the halving, they don’t look into its track record when it comes to massive gains. On top of that, even fewer people know that altcoins might be the assets they should be looking for as the Bitcoin halving approaches. After Bitcoin’s first halving, Litecoin (which is called “Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold” soared more than 7,000%. The second Bitcoin’s halving happened, and an altcoin called verge shot up an astonishing 1,362,400%.


While it is true that altcoins are separate projects and that each one of them has something unique, it is undeniable that they are connected and correlated to Bitcoin. Investing in altcoins with the most promising technology might be the way to go before the halving happens.


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