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StoneBreaker Lite EA Review

The Expert Advisor StoneBreaker Lite was launched on the mql5 website in October of 2018 by the programmer Yip Sin Hang. It was most recently updated to version 4.40 in April of 2019.


The developer of StoneBreaker believes that 90% of the market is range or swing; therefore, the EA focuses on this type of market while preventing large drawdowns and controlling risk with a stop loss function. The EA is based on price action order starts, uses Martingale, and follows a scalping-based strategy. It also avoids inflated spreads during holidays.


Here are a few more key facts:

  • Works on the MT4 trading platform
  • Users can choose their own pairs or trade with the recommended pairs on the chart
  • Works with any account type and leverage of 1:500

The author advertises 100% returns and claims that $10,000 can be turned into $40,000 in one month. We want to be sure to point out to our readers that it is impossible for the author of a product like this one to promise these results. This doesn’t mean that StoneBreaker isn’t profitable, but you shouldn’t go in with extremely high expectations.

Service Cost

The Lite version of StoneBreaker can only be rented at a rate of $899 USD for one year. The cost is extremely high, especially for a product that cannot be purchased. In low and medium risk mode, $1000 is required per pair. According to the author, this EA will more than pay for itself within a month, but traders should be sure that they can recover if it doesn’t. Backtesting is possible, although the developer claims that those results cannot be trusted.


StoneBreaker Lite is a complex EA that uses several strategies and takes some precautions to avoid losses, although it does use scalping and Martingale, which are risky. The author is adamant that profits are guaranteed and that this EA will more than pay for its $899 yearly price, so we were very interested in user feedback.

We found the product to have a 4-star rating, with some of the following reviews:

“Overall, I had lots of questions in regards to the EA. The Admin of this product helped me “literally” instantly and answered all my questions. Along with helpful tips. Great customer service!!! A+” -Jerry

“First Orders Closed. First week of use was profitable.” -Patrick

“Garbage EA. EA just lost almost 800 dollars after receiving advice from the developer. He was helpful before I rented it but no help after I rented it” -jpettaway01

While most of the reviews mentioned how helpful the developer has been, a few claimed the opposite and lost money. Nothing is promised, but most reviews point to a profitable experience; however, this EA isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have a lot to invest and risk for large profits, then you’ll do better choosing a cheaper EA that works with a smaller deposit.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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