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Simple Panel EA Plus Review

Simple Panel EA Plus is an Expert Advisor that has been featured on the mql5 website since June of 2017. The author has published 8 products with 12+ years of experience in programming. The EA was last updated to version 3.7 in March of 2020.


Simple Panel EA Plus is an Expert Advisor that offers easy one-click trading and allows traders to open all types of pending orders. One can also choose from different types of closing orders, such as closing only buy orders, sell orders, profitable, or loss orders. Because the EA is able to distinguish its orders from others, it can be used in combination with other trading robots on the MT4 platform, but it is necessary to distinguish the EA’s magic number in the settings. SL, TP, and other settings are saved so that there is no need to input the information with each trade. Traders can also work with several settings, including one that is provided for ECN accounts, along with maximum slippage, color scheme, and customization options, and etc.


Service Cost

Traders can either rent the EA for $20 USD for one month or purchase it outright with 20 activations for $50. If you’re interested in testing a demo account, you’ll need to use the link specifically provided by the author within the product’s description as the strategy tester does not allow one to use the buttons.


Simple Panel EA Plus is an easy to use, automated trading Expert that offers traders the flexibility to work with different account types and settings. 8/8 users have given it a 5-star rating, and it has received some of the following comments:

“The vendor was the only one here on mql who was willing to put a feature to his product which I wanted to have! (trailing pending orders) On top of that he created an absolute useful panel which I like very much for my manual trading (basket feature, trailing orders, very good overview about the used features by changing colors…) -Florian
“Great tool: breakeven, partial close, trailing stop, auto lot calculation, pending order, grid, basket of all open trades with TP and SL function.” -Thomas

In order to achieve the best results, you’ll want to remember some of the author’s comments, such as remembering to turn on auto-trading, saving step to memory, that SL and TP are set in pips, and so on. As always, experience and risk-management will help your results, but it is up to the individual trader to decide if a product like this one would work for them.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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