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Real Promo Expert Advisor Review

Real Promo is an expert advisor that was published to the mql5 marketplace in September of 2018. The author Sergey Lisnyak claimed to have retired from business only one month after this indicator was launched, but he did update it to version 2.1 for added functionality in November of last year.


Real is an automatic robot that was designed to work with index CFDs, cryptocurrencies, metals, commodities, and the main timeframes H1 and H4 on MT4. The developer mentions that traders can also run the bot with currency pairs, but he does not recommend doing so. The EA does not use strategies that are considered dangerous, such as Martingale, averaging, and others and there is a limit of one trade per pair. Unlike many other expert advisors, the developer does not try to market this product towards novice traders and especially beginners. It was designed to be used by more experienced traders instead.


Traders will have to reach out to the developer for help with setting up their accounts. According to the author, what makes Real different from other EAs is a set of what he deems smart control units. The units cover slip, stop loss, and spread protection, along with order execution tests that determine the quality of liquidity available through your broker. Traders can go with default settings or customize from an “endless” list of available options.

Service Cost

Real pro is an expensive EA that was designed with more experienced and financially stable clients in mind. It can be bought or rented, but it costs $399 USD to rent the bot for just one month, while the overall price is $499 USD. You could save $100 by renting if the EA turned out to be a bad investment, but you’ll be paying right at $400 extra just to test it for that extra month should you decide to buy it.


Real Promo is an EA meant for more experienced traders working primarily with CFDs. It offers multiple setting customization options and puts some limitations in place to avoid dangerous trading strategies. Some traders may not enjoy the need to reach out to the developer after purchasing the EA, while the developer’s disappearance into temporary retirement after the software was launched is not reassuring. With the cost of this EA being so high, it’s important to consider what others have to say. Many have left 5-star reviews, but others were concerning.

Take a look at some comments below:

“It’s been eight days after the purchase. I tried to contact (seller) through all parties and still didn’t receive the setup file.” (This user later commented that it takes 3-5 days to receive a response through email and the seller was not even remotely helpful) -kk14741474

“Great EA! Thanks!” -Grillmaster

“So far so good, excited to see what the future is like. Seems stable.” -Jonathan Moss

Despite the positive feedback, our first commenter confirmed our fears that the developer isn’t always working or willing to be responsive. Imagine paying $500 for this EA without being able to set it up for potentially weeks due to the seller failing to respond to messages. Even with good results, this is enough to scare some traders away.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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