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Do It Multi-Currency Trading System Review

Do IT is an Expert Advisor developed for the MetaTrader 4 platform and is published on the by Ildar Kabirov from Russia. The EA is also available for the MT5. The latest version is 7.77 updated in March 2020. Ratings received are generally positive and there is a high activity in the comments section. Do IT is designed to be fully automated and specialized for Forex, and indices on the 1H timeframe.


The exact markets described for the EA are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, DAX30, USD/JPY, Gold, and SPX 500. The developer has a very good description page where the settings for the latest version and links for proper testing are published. To contact Ildar Kabirov he also posted a Telegram channel. This EA does not use Martingale, Grid or Averaging trading methods as they are often criticized by traders, for a reason. If your broker uses FIFO execution Do IT should still work fine.


The main features of the EA are the use of only pending orders on the broker’s server, high slippage and spread filter, weekend closure, trades are time-limited with a fixed Stop Loss and search algorithm for signals. There is a detailed instruction guide for settings parameters. Users can set how tolerable the filter for slippage and spreads will be, how much exposure (risk) will be per trade, set the virtual or real Stop Loss fixed amount, Take Profit and Trailing Stop set up, set working hours, and so on. A newsreader or filter is also available but you will have to set it up using the webpage containing the news raw list. This list is easier to include in the EA reading that is displayed on the MT4 chart.

The most interesting part is the settings about the deviation. Do IT seems to be entering trades based on the price deviation during a certain period. Whatsmore, the channel deviation is used as a step signal for entering new trades. The ATR indicator is also used for trades entry in combination with the Parabolic SAR. SO based on the demonstration video, Do IT seems to be waiting for the low period of volatility to set pending orders on the channel, with the set Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. When the volatility spike occurs, pending orders get triggered in one way and the EA is then waiting for the Take Profit to close the trade or for the timeout. Based on this, the EA can be categorized as a trend and as long term scalper.

As for the performance charts, the developer has published some very good results. The EUR/USD pair on the H1 timeframe showed 97% winning trade and 9% Drawdown for the whole year. For 10-year period testing, using the 99.90% precision modeling, showed 3.7 M profit from initial 1000 deposit, 10.28% Drawdown, and 89.7% winning rate in the money. For the USD/JPY pair, Do IT performed similarly. 93.7% profit trades with just 1 consecutive loss. Drawdown is a bit higher than with the EUR/USD to 13%.

On the DAX 30, the performance is still above 90% winning trades, but note that for the whole year the number of trades is 66, unlike USD/JPY with 286 total trades or EUR/USD with 275. Gold/USD has even more impressive results with 95% winning trades although we have noticed 3 losses that resulted in a noticeable dip in the balance. A large number of small profits contribute to this high percentage although when a loss is incurred, it is several times larger than a winning trade.

Service Cost

Do IT EA belongs to the higher price range. For $990 you will have 5 activations. It can also be rent for $490 per year. The demo is available so you will have a chance to test it before buying. The EA is best used on brokers with small slippage and spreads even though it is optimized for the H1 timeframe. In recent developments on the Indes and Equities market, the EA has shown poor results given the increased slippage, spreads, and volatility caused by global events like the COVID-19.

For this reason, the developer introduces additional protection modules (recovery mode) such as average profit trailing in recovery mode, protective fixed breakeven for recovery mode, and graphical visuals. The latest developments are extreme, as such every EA is finding difficulties to cope with extreme values. It is great to see the developer working on implementing additional safety in a very short time. Owners of Do IT can expect great support and an official channel on Telegram.


Do IT has a very good rating of 4.6 stars based on the MQL5 repository and 45 user reviews. The comments are fresh and generally, the EA is popular. Note that there are some Russian language commentary and reviews but they are positive. From the negative reviews, we could see traders complaining mostly about the big losses once they occur:

“The order quantity is too small. Loss is too big.”

“Backtesting before 2010 will tell. Will not be usable for a long time. If the market conditions change slightly, EAs that fall during non-optimized periods will fail. Fortunately, the author seems to be always optimizing for now, so he’ll be fine as long as he keeps doing it. Small profit, big loss.”

In our opinion, this EA price is just too high to be sold on a larger scale. There are more affordable EAs that have been on the market for many years showing consistent results and updates. Also, once the abnormal market events occur, the whole year of profit trades may be countered with just a few losing trades. Still, for the ones that can afford it, the strategy used on this EA is used by trend traders, has good logic behind it, the ratings are also very good and the support is there.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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