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Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4 Indicator Review

Harmonic patterns are used to best predict the possible tipping point in trends. Therefore, the harmonic patterns are the secondary patterns of the inflection point patterns. Traditionally, the Harmonic Pattern was identified manually by connecting extreme points in the charts. Manual detection of harmonic patterns is quite tedious and not suitable for all traders. It is often exposed under the subjective identification of the pattern with manual detection of the pattern. To avoid these limitations, Harmonic Pattern Plus was designed to automate your harmonic pattern detection process.


The functionality of the Harmonic Pattern Plus goes beyond the manual pattern detection and focus that appears in textbooks. Harmonic Pattern Plus provides many harmonic patterns that have been tested in many historical moments, and have been researched by its developers. In addition, you can use the three most important trading items, including the Pattern Completion Interval (PCI), the Potential Investment Zone (PRZ), and the Potential Continuation Zone (PCZ), to improve the accuracy of your trade. You will be able to experience, with the use of this indicator, very high performance in your trade.


The main features of the Harmonic Pattern Plus are:

  • Up to 11 Harmonic Patterns can be detected automatically.
  • Detection of potential investment area (PRZ) for identification of point D.
  • Detection of potential continuation zone (PCZ) for prediction of future price movements.
  • Pattern termination interval detection (PCI) for precision trading.
  • Forward and backward response function to create a new trading strategy.
  • Function locking and unlocking patterns to avoid repainting patterns.
  • Up to 52 different upward and downward patterns characteristic of candelabra recognition.
  • You have email support, sound alerts or Push notification
  • Setting Harmonic Pattern Plus indicators and Parameters

The default setting will work most of the time. If you want to change the look of the indicator on your chart, you can certainly change it from the input settings to your liking. All input settings are self-explanatory. The simple description is given in the columns on the left side and you will only need to change the value in the columns on the right side.

Special Note

The purchase of this product does not include free encoding support to build EA or any other indicator. All the harmonic pattern indicators and the scanner are repainting. If you prefer not to repaint Elliott’s harmonic pattern and wave pattern indicator, please use the cost-effective pattern scanner. The cost-effective pattern scanner is just a harmonic pattern indicator not repainted and not delayed in the world.


In short, we are talking about an indicator that is well known and used, especially by experienced traders. This indicator was created in 2014 and since then has accumulated hundreds of comments, most of them very positive. So we can say that this is a highly useful indicator. This indicator can be found in the MQL market in the indicators section for a price of 98 USD, although you can also rent it monthly for 30 USD. It has a free demo version so you can try it before purchasing it and see if the indicator can be adapted to your trading style or not.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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