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HiLo Target EA Review

The HiLo Target EA is an automated system created in April 2020 by developer Kenneth Parling. This EA is sold as a powerful dynamic risk assessment system and the set file support is updated periodically. The EA works with low account deposits, which is perfect should the user not want to risk a lot of capital.


This robot is 100% automated and places two pending orders daily, a purchase order and a sales order on the respective High-Low level, and waiting for a movement (break) in the corresponding order direction. Expiration takes place at the end of the day if an order is not given or if one price level has been struck and the other has not been touched.


The cycle begins again the next day if none of the pending stops is struck or an open order is closed in profit or loss on the same day. The possibility of forcibly closing an open position less the same day at a given time if the stop loss did not hit yet in order to get a new negotiating opportunity the next day with new orders. This system is only designed to support a currency pair, the EURUSD.

It is recommended to have a tight period of optimization. A period of 1-2 months is enough to get sustainable adjustments for trading 1-2 months ahead. Example: You optimize this advisor using the period from the current date 1-2 months ago in time and do it in ‘each tick’. Saying this does not work, well then you do not understand how this advisor works and probably will not work for you ever so it is useless if you try this advisor for many years or even out of the optimization period.

Settings to focus on while optimizing the HiLo Target EA:

  • It’s an expiration timer.
  • Price level of distance.
  • Level of loss of stop.
  • Target level.
  • Level, start, and scale levels.
  • Perhaps exclude business days – optional.
  • Daily use less position near or not and time to close.

Features of Thread Target EA include:

-No dangerous negotiation techniques (Martingale) – Orders always use stop loss and take profit.

-3 out of 1 risk assessment system.

-Weekday Manager – Set days for trading and start time (The default trading time should not be changed – Auto GMT offset detection server used.)
To break the balance

Broker Information:

  • Initial deposit low – from 100 USD.
  • Use 5-digit broker, ECN account, and low latency to quickly execute orders.
  • Adviser’s activity logs only (D1).
  • Use default settings in EURUSD.

Configuration of the Target EA advisor:

-Magic number – Unique order identification number.

-Sliding – Sliding of orders.

-Sort comments – buy/sell.

-Risk assessment – dynamic position size %, dynamic equity % or fixed lots.

-Day of the Week Manager – Days for Trading, Sun-Fri and Start Time Advisors, Forced Daily Position Close, and Closing Time.

-Pendant expiration timer – Pending stops timer hour expiration.

-Stops pending distance price – Stop orders away from the price in points.

-Goal points – Order to take the profit level in points.

-Stop Loss Points – Order Stop Loss Level at points.

-Even – True/false, start, and step levels in points.

In summary, we are talking about a robot that manages random positions. It orders 2 pending commands of which one of them will be executed. It is a simple EA and suitable for all types of traders. We recommend downloading the demo version to familiarize yourself with the behavior of this robot and see the results that can be obtained.
This system is available on the MQL market for sale for a price of 60 USD. You can also rent for one month at 15 USD, or for 3 months at 45 USD.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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