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Profitable Pattern (X3 Chart Pattern) Scanner Review


Profitable Pattern Scanner (now known as the X3 Chart Pattern Scanner) is an indicator of no paint and no delay that detects profitable graphics patterns including harmonic patterns, Elliott wave patterns, X3 patterns, and Japanese candle patterns. Historical patterns match signal patterns. Therefore, you can easily develop profitable strategies in your account with this indicator.


In addition to the features mentioned above, this superb pattern scanner can detect optimal patterns. The end-user can also enable and disable individual patterns according to their preferences. You can also choose to enable and disable the pattern category according to your preferences. For example, if you just want to exchange harmonic patterns, then turn off all Elliott Wave and X3 patterns.

Note that each pattern is fully customizable with RECF notation. The Japanese candlestick patterns are a kind of bonus package added to the indicator. Japanese candle patterns can be used as secondary confirmation for harmonic patterns, Elliott waves, and X3 patterns. You can also turn on and off Japanese candle patterns if you wish.

Characteristics of the product:

  • Harmonic pattern, Elliott wave pattern, and X3 pattern indicator.
  • Interval of pattern termination.
  • Area of a potential investment.
  • Possible area of continuation.
  • Function locking and unlocking patterns.
  • Stop interactive loss and get benefits according to your reward/ risk ratio,
  • Historical patterns.
  • Signal alert.
  • It can detect about 52 Japanese candle bearers and bullies patterns.
  • Multiple scans – Harmonic pattern, Elliott wave pattern, and X3 pattern.

Important notes for trading:

Profitable Pattern Scanner provides many good patterns for your trade. However, you can use the patterns you like best only. It is not mandatory to trade with all the employers offered by this indicator. Every pattern on the scanner can be turned on and off to your liking, and you can keep the patterns that best suit your trading style.

Calculating historical patterns can be a heavy task. Therefore, to improve the speed of the indicator, you can set the signal Barstoscan = low number as 50 or 30, if necessary. This will reduce the computation of historical patterns, but this will not affect your live trade. This indicator has been verified in the strategy tester up to 80% of its characteristics. It is recommended that you test it before buying it and running it.

Note: This indicator requires the use of the mouse in its operation.

Service Cost

The price of this indicator is 280 USD, although you can also rent it for 35 USD per month. A free demo is being offered at this time. This scanner can find it in the MQL market in the indicators section.


In summary, we speak of a relatively recent indicator, since it was created in September 2019, and in this short time has already accumulated very good reviews among its users. It has to be said that this indicator may not be suitable for a beginner trader because it is a bit complex, although studying it and testing it in the demo version offered, you can get to understand it well. 


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