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The bearish sentiment remains firm in the Crypto world


The Bitcoin price for today reports a decline of -1.74% in the last 24 hours, the price at the time of writing this update is $6,740. The technical indicators are giving us mixed signals, but it seems that the bearish sentiment remains firm and the bears will continue to win, although if we look at the Stochastic pointing upwards, we could be feeling a bullish pressure, so the price of Bitcoin could bounce from here.

If the Bitcoin price reaches its minimum of the 1st of April, we would be forming a double bottom pattern. This would indicate a buying opportunity, taking the neckline as a reference in the $7,500 area, which would give good dividends. We find immediate support in $6,495, below $6,185.90 and then $5,876.60.


Below the current price range, the price would drop to the $5,000-$5,500 region if these few supports are broken. This scenario would make a price recovery very difficult.

An important consideration in the current market is the global uncertainty caused by commercial tensions between China and the United States, as this is one of the main factors that drives the price of Bitcoin down. Under these situations of uncertainty, traders feel less appetite for risk, and instead, put their funds in safe assets such as the Dollar and bonds. Operators have also taken this step back as an opportunity to liquidate positions, fearing that the upticks will not last long in this market environment.

The 100 and 200 periods SMA appear even distant for the price, so it seems unlikely for Bitcoin to break them. If the 100 SMA is broken, the next reference point would be the 200 SMA at $7,151. Above $7,344 and $7,500 are the next resistances for the price, if reached, it would probably set the bullish trend to an end.


The Ripple price lost -1.74% in the last 24 hours and had started another day of loses, which is normal lately for this cryptocurrency. Ripple is currently within a four week consecutive period of losses and dealing with low levels that have not been seen since December 2017. During the bull run, the cryptocurrency dropped to $3.

Technically, XRP/USD is moving in a range between $0.48-0.43. If the price goes lower, it would be facing a quick drop to the $0.20 area, within the short term, upside looks to be reached around $0.55 and then the $0.70.

The stochastic touched the oversold area and now is pointing up but this hasn’t had any influence on the price.


The price of Ethereum has gained 1.50% in the last 24 hours, but it remains on the back foot in trading on Thursday, and it’s trying to reach the support area around $370. The bears are providing added pressure, after allowing some minor upside at the start of the week.

Most of the important cryptos are in a strong downward trend right now, but there is not much in the way of fundamental drivers to attribute this situation.

Yesterday, we could see a small upward movement above $400 in price against the US dollar. However, the price couldn´t gain traction and started a downward movement from $405, first breaking the round number of $400, and then the 100 period SMA. The lower part of a very defined bullish channel with support at $395 has also been broken in the hourly chart. At this moment, the price is negotiating close to $376, and if recovery does not appear in the short term, we could be visiting the minimum of $364. A break of $360 could open the doors to $300.




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