Daily crypto update 23.07.2018 – Sideway movements


The market is shown today mainly negative with 65% of the top 100 of the cryptos in red, some of them with two digits losses such as Bitcoin Diamond and Ardor. However, the BTC has been supported by good news about the ETF and also by the possible BlackRock investment in the currency and has left its lateralized momentum and it’s generating a positive market sentiment. The market capitalization compared to the previous Monday raised 19 Billion.

General overview

Market Cap: $286.644.683.222


24h Vol: $14.487.725.028

BTC Dominance: 46.1%

Top 100 Gainers of the day

Holo HOT                  49,37%
Electroneum ETN    17,55%
GXChain GXS            9,12%
Dropil DROP             8,31%
Bitcoin Gold BTG      7,49%

Top 100 Losers of the day

Bitcoin Diamond BCD -37,07%
Ardor ARDR                  -11,36%
Power Ledger POWR   -9,73%
PIVX PIVX                     -7,73%
TenX PAY                       -6,92%


Encrypted Email Provider ProtonMail Could be Planning an ICO
Cryptocurrency-friendly encrypted email provider ProtonMail appears to be planning an initial coin offering (ICO), a job posting has revealed. The Swiss firm, founded in 2014 by CERN researchers, has long supported cryptocurrency payments for its premium email and VPN services. Now, the company is hiring a blockchain developer for a project that may see the firm launch its own cryptocurrency.
Source: ccn.com

Chinese City Starts a $1.5 Billion Fund to Promote Public Blockchain Projects
Nanjing, Jiangsu’s capital, is committed to investing in public blockchain projects and overall token economy. The capital of this Chinese province put together a 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) fund in a blockchain investment fund.
A Beijing-based alliance, Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, is teaming up with Nanjing City to launch this blockchain investment fund of $1.5 billion. The alliance, formed by government research institutes and blockchain companies, revealed the bold initiative at the first Industrial Public Chain Summit (IPCS). Among the high-level government official attendees, there was the Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Luo Qun.
Source: ccn.com

Cryptocurrency Fraud Now Second Most Common Investment Scam in Australia: Watchdog
Australia’s national consumer watchdog has warned that cryptocurrency trading scams have grown ‘significantly’ over a 12-month period and are now the second most-common kind of investment scam in the country.
An independent government authority tasked with the mandate of enforcing consumer protection laws with oversight into scam-related trends in Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)has a scam-alert domain dubbed ‘Scamwatch’.
Source: ccn.com



EOS is currently trading over the 100 EMA at $ 8.06 this EMA is offering immediate support to the price that has been moving in range during the weekend; if buyers pressure appears during the session and the price can cross this EMA, there is still a strong support at the central pivot point at $ 7.92.

Market sentiment

4-H chart technicals signal a Bearish sentiment.

Oscillators are showing mixed signals on the overbought zone.

Pivot points

R3 8.69
R2 8.46
R1 8.14
PP 7.92
S1 7.61
S2 7.38
S3 7.06


ETH/USD is now moving below the EMA 100 in this 4h chart at $ 462.10 the price is moving in a narrow range since Saturday and it seems it will continue in the upcoming hours.

Market sentiment

4-H chart technicals signal a Bullish sentiment.

Oscillators are in the overbought zone and pointing down.

Pivot points

R3 485.30
R2 478.65
R1 468.11
PP 461.46
S1 450.92
S2 444.27
S3 433.73


Cardano reports today a negative -2.86% in the last 24 H, the price has bounced in the Pivot R1 and now is testing the central pivot point around $ 0.1701 if this level is crossed, we could see an extended movement towards the pivot S1 at $ 0.1604.


Market sentiment

4-H chart technicals signal a Bearish sentiment.

Oscillators are in the overbought zone, showing sell signals and pointing down.

Pivot points

R3 0.1974
R2 0.1886
R1 0.1789
PP 0.1702
S1 0.1604
S2 0.1517
S3 0.1419


There is not a clear trend movement to consider right now, the market is moving mainly sideways in most of the pairs.