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Bruce’s Price Predictor Review

Bruce’s Price Predictor is an indicator that has been released for just over a year. It was developed by Bruce Webb and published on the mql5 marketplace, with the most recent update to version 3.0 taking place in November of 2019.


This indicator was designed to show precise price reversals on a chart in order to make it easier for traders to analyze data and make informed trading decisions. According to the developer, the predictor is highly accurate and is great for scalping and swing trading. You’ll only be able to use it on the desktop version of MT4, but the indicator works with any MT4 pair and timeframe. Buy and sell arrows are shown on the chart for entry signals and confirm entries with alerts after the close of the candle or bar. The author offers some YouTube videos that help explain in more detail as well.


Service Cost

Traders only have the option to rent this particular indicator, there’s no way to buy it outright. You can either rent for one year for $100 USD, or rent it out for one month at a price of $30 USD. It’s a tough decision, considering that renting the indicator for about 3 months equals the yearly price. A free demo is available for testing and using it may help one to decide how long to rent the indicator.


The developer of this indicator designed it to be beginner-friendly and to make analyzing charts easier by showing exact price reversals on charts. The demo has been downloaded more than 7,000 times. This indicator has received more feedback than many others. For example:

One user commented: “Used this indicator this week and had over 90%-win rate in trades I took. Definitely must already know how to trade price action and have a strategy for yourself in place.”

Another wrote: “Just got this indicator last night and it’s awesome. I’m up over 100 pips total on day one. I think imma use this long term.”

The majority of users chose to give this indicator a 5-star review, and unfavorable comments are few and far between. All of these are good signs that this indicator is helpful, but traders need to remember that some knowledge and time needs to be invested to profit using any indicator. This isn’t a guaranteed money maker, but many users have managed to profit using the tool.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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