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Big Bang Adaptive Expert Advisor Review

This product does not leave enough information for a trader to understand what kind of Expert Advisor Big Bang MT4 is. Nothing is disclosed about the indicator used or the system, even the settings range does not point to a specific strategy used. However, the EA is new, from April 2020 and probably the Overview page will be updated. The updated version is already out on the MQL5 market, reaching label 1.2. The update contains major improvement, specifically the entry signal is improved and added the filter to only apply strong signals. This way the signals are more reliable although less frequent.

According to the price, it seems developing this EA was not easy. The author is Andrey Barinov from Russia who has the majority of his 14 products range on the market highly-rated and mildly noticed by the trading community. Big Bang MT$ is coded for the MT4 platform but the MT5 version is also published.



The EA is described as being adaptive, but we are unsure what drives this feature. Anyways, the system is based on the Price Action and Support and Resistance levels. The settings range is modest and this is described as having a powerful combination of simple settings and trading methods. One of the most interesting features it the recovery mode made. This module is made of two algorithms that have a manual control setting but it is not known how the algorithms are working. For the proper functioning of the Recovery Mode, you will need to download all history form the MT4 History Center. Therefore, the EA has calculations on multiple timeframes and probably uses “alignment” on several levels for trend confirmation.

Big Bang MT4 is not quite universal or applicable to any asset. According to the author, default EA settings are optimized for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, and USD/JPY. However, traders can try to optimize the EA to other assets. In our opinion, the settings panel does not offer enough customization for this purpose. The timeframe seems to be universal though. But it is very important to have history loaded form the History Center in the MT4. For backtesting, the timeframe must be set to M1. If for some reason you need faster modeling in the Strategy Tester, you can use M1 OHLC mode as it will be similar to “Every Tick” mode.

Settings come down to 6 parameters. Lot size setting defines if you want to use dynamic trade lot allocation or fixed lot. This option is a common feature, but this EA does not have Stop Loss or Take Profit levels changeable, they are defined in the code based on an unknown formula. Smart Recovery Aggression is a parameter that defines how risky Recovery Mode will act. This parameter range is from 0 to 1 with the default set to 0.5. It is unknown what this factor is changing in the strategy except it is triggered on drawdown. The next setting enables basket trading for drawdown recovery. This is defined by Max Additional orders clause. Basket trading is a form of Averaging where the sum of all opened trades acts as one aggregated trade.

Risk control is always inversive as the diversification increases, therefore this method of trading is preferable. Note that diversification can be tricky if correlated currency pairs are traded. A spread filter is another common feature in EAs, the one in Big Bang is no different, it will cease opening trades if the spread is higher than the defined value. Hidden Stops is aimed at brokers that could manipulate prices to trigger concentrated regions of Stop Loss orders. The EA using this option will set the Stop Loss in internal memory instead of to the broker server, and thus remain invisible.

The performance chart shows extremely high net profit gains. In a bit longer than 5 year testing on the EUR/USD currency pair, Big Bang MT4 realized over 105 Million based on 1000 initial balance. The lot allocation was 0.1 per 1000 of balance. This was tested on the H1 timeframe, however, we have noticed the rest of the report is missing. We do not know what is the drawdown, the structure of trading, and so on. What is noticeable on the gain chart is the small dips once a trade is lost. We can assume the losing trades are larger than the profit ones and that trades have somewhat equal gains. This could be a sign of a scalper although it is hard to conclude with the lack of information.

Service Cost

The author is certainly not modest about what it comes to pricing. Big Bang MT4 cost is $549 without the option to rent it. You will have 7 activations and a demo available. Interestingly, there is a pricing policy set by the developer, stating that the price will never go down, any discounts or other promotions. Every day the EA is bought the price will rise by $50 until a $1999 is reached.


The product is still new at the time of writing this review and has no comments or reviews left. The demo is downloaded 72 times till now, signaling some interest by the MQL5 community, although the price is probably the biggest barrier. The second one is certainly a presentation devoid of transparency. The best advice is to download the demo and test if you can repeat similar results. Then, forward test on a demo account.

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