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Where to Discuss Bitcoin: Top Bitcoin Forums You Should Join

Bitcoin is not just a currency. It’s a revolution that has inspired an entire movement of believers, enthusiasts, and diehards. These groups of people have carved out spaces online and offline to exclusively talk and discuss everything about Bitcoin from the present, to the future, to prices, market trends, and everything in between.

Anyone – from dilettantes to serious investors, to developers, to entrepreneurs, to startups can join and participate in these spaces.


In the highlighted places, feel free to join fellow Bitcoiners and engage in everything Bitcoin.


Online places include social media, IRC channels, and forums. Below are links to the discussion boards on those places.


  • Bitcointalk – This is currently the biggest bitcoin forum. It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoin.
  • — This is a forum formed by the news website.
  • Bitcoin Garden – This is a small Bitcoin forum, but fast establishing itself in the space
  • Bitcoinforum – One of the ‘mainstream’ Bitcoin forums, and associated with the website
  • Forum – This is a forum where developers, academics, and business-minded Bitcoiners gather to share ideas and promote Bitcoin
  • CryptoCompare Bitcoin page – This is a forum by CryptoCompare where users can discuss and monitor prices, market volumes, and trends in the Bitcoin market.
  • Bitcoin page – This is a page on dedicated to Bitcoin trading and investing.
  • StackExchange Bitcoin page – This is a Bitcoin dedicated page on the StackExchange website, keeping with the question and answer formula for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.



Bitcoin Reddit_Forex Academy

On Reddit, there are several Bitcoin dedicated pages.

  • r/Bitcoin – This is the main Bitcoin subreddit.

Others include:

  • r/BitcoinMarkets – A subreddit for Bitcoin trading.
  • r/BitcoinStocks – A subreddit for discussions about Bitcoin stocks.
  • r/Jobs4Bitcoins – A subreddit where individuals can provide their talents and skills in exchange for Bitcoins
  • r/BitcoinMining – A subreddit where users can discuss everything mining
  • r/BitMarket – A  subreddit where people can sell and buy Bitcoin
  • r/BitcoinSerious – A subreddit for ‘reasonable discussion relating to Bitcoin’
  • r/BitcoinBegginers – A subreddit where Bitcoin beginners can learn things and freely ask questions
  • r/LocalCommunities – A list of the major Bitcoin communities, per country

IRC Chat

Below is a list of Bitcoin dedicated channels on Freenode:

  • #bitcoin – a general chat for all things Bitcoin
  • #bitcoin-dev – a chat dedicated to technical and development issues for Bitcoin
  • #bitcoin-otc – an over-the-counter Bitcoin exchange
  • #bitcoin-market – a chat dedicated to live quotes about the market
  • #bitcoin-mining – a chat for all things crypto mining

There are more Bitcoin-related IRC chats that you can find here. These chats include Bitcoin projects, local communities for different countries, mining-related communities, more communities on Bitcoin exchanging and trading, and more Bitcoin and crypto-related communities.


Bitcoin Telegram_Forex Academy

The following are some of the most popular Bitcoin-related Telegram channels:

Social Networks

The following links will lead to Bitcoin discussion places on these social media forums:


Bitcoin discussions and related engagements do not just happen on the internet. In the physical world, there is a lot of Bitcoin-related conferences, events, meetups, and so on.

By joining these places, you can increase your knowledge for Bitcoin – from its technicalities to trading to price behavior. It’s also one way to take part in the Bitcoin movement.


By Edith M.

Edith is an investment writer, trader, and personal finance coach specializing in investments advice around the fintech niche. Her fields of expertise include stocks, commodities, forex, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrency investments.

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