The Copier MT4 Review


The Copier MT4 is a utility that allows traders to copy trades across multiple trading accounts. It was developed by Andrey Barinov and published to the mql5 marketplace in July of 2019. Version 1.12 was released in February of 2020.


This copier is one of many that is built to be compatible with MetaTrader 4, the most popular trading platform on the market. It was designed with a user-friendly interface and comes with multiple built-in features, including low CPU usage mode, manual and automatic signals mapping, reverse copying, and correct processing of partial closures. There are also some settings that allow traders to limit the maximum number of trades to be placed on their account or to copy only if the account equity/margin is above a certain level.


Users can also add multipliers, make the copied trades proportionate to their account balance, close trades manually on slave accounts, etc. Overall, the copier includes several useful settings that allow users to take more control of their accounts. This review focuses on the MT4 version, but those that find MT5 preferable will find a version created from the same author.

Service Cost

Traders are limited to buying the software for $49 USD, with no option to rent for a month or so. The developer does include a free demo account that can be used to test it, but keep in mind that the product cannot be tested in the strategy tester. The purchased copier comes with 7 activations.


The Copier MT4 was created by an experienced developer and includes multiple settings that allow users to customize which trades are copied onto slave accounts with more control. The indicator has received a 5-star rating from verified users, many of whom have confirmed that it works effectively. We’ve included a few examples below:

“There are a few products with quicker execution out there, but you will need to pay a lot more for something like that. In conclusion: great product for a fair price.” -Jonas

“The interface is clean, uncluttered and intuitive to use.” –zentrader

“Great product and very skilled developer.” -linkandpia

This Forex service can be found at the following web address: