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Exp Copylot Client for MT4 Review

The Exp Copylot Client for MT4 is a piece of software that is available on the MQL5 marketplace and is designed to copy traded between clients. There are a few different utilities that do similar things, so we have provided the link so you can see exactly which one we are looking at. The current version of this software is version 20.225 and it was the last updated on the 25th February 2020 (at the time of writing this review).


The Exp Copylot Client for MT4 is designed to help copy trades from one account and terminal to another, this software is designed to copy trades between MT4 and MT4 account sand from MT5 accounts to MT4 accounts.


Some of the main features of this software:

  • The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account.
  • The product is also noted for its high operation speed Tough error handling.
    A powerful set of features.
  • The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings.
  • Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various accounts trading on one account
  • Copylot will copy your trades to other terminals
  • Copy from the closed account opened on Invest password
  • Copy from DEMO account to real account
  • Copy from multiple terminals to one
  • Copy from one terminal to several others
  • Copy from any different brokers to any different brokers

There are a bunch of parameters that can also be altered such as lot sizes, how much to risk, whether you copy orders, take profit levels, stop losses, and more.

Service Cost

The software currently costs $55 to buy, you are also able to rent the software, you can rent it for one month which will cost you $10, or you can rent it for 3 months which will cost you $25. There is also a free demo version available, but we do not know what the limitation of this free version is, we would always suggest testing out the software before purchasing though.


There are 47 different reviews for this piece of software, they are all around the 5-star level which is a positive, however with nothing below 5-stars it can look a little suspicious.

“I have been using another copier (Auto trade copier) and thought it was the best but this copier far beats it more so when it comes to efficient use of PC resources and extra features. Copylot is a real workhorse, I’ve tested it in and out and I can now conclude that its the best on the market. This developer deserves all respect for his work. Thanks, Vladislav. God bless.” – User Comment

“Very good trade copier. Extremely versatile to suit any scenario you can think of. Equally important is the support from Vladi. He is very responsive and goes the extra mile to help when issues arise. Top-notch service, highly recommended” – User Comment

So the reviews seem positive and it appears that the software does what it is supposed to, as always though, we would recommend using the demo version before purchasing, just to make sure it works as intended and that it does what you need it to do.

This FX Service is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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