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StrategyQuant X Development and Research Platform Review


Strategy Quant X is a Forex strategy development platform that offers you the tools to develop your own automated trading strategies. In addition, it provides a variety of research tools that traders may find helpful. If you think algorithmic trading is reserved only for professional traders, this review may very well change your mind.

How Does Strategy Quant Work?

This is a relatively new platform that allows end-users to develop, research, and create their own trading algorithms and automated systems. It is not necessary to have previous programming experience, thanks to a straightforward interface. This gives you the freedom to create your own trading systems using your own rules.

The Strategy Quant software allows you to develop your own automated trading strategies, create your personal foreign exchange trading robot. A trading strategy can be created from scratch, or you can also alter an existing Expert Advisor, always using your own trading rules.

Everything is done very efficiently and without the need to have programming knowledge. The platform is very simple. Once the strategy is created, it will be thoroughly tested by the software so you can adjust it to achieve the best possible performance. You will also receive the source code generated, which is yours to make with it whatever you want. The source codes of the automated trading strategy generated are fully compatible with MT4, MT5, Tradestation, and Multicharts.

How Much Does It Cost?

A free 14-day trial is available. During the trial period, you will have access to the complete software, also Skype and email support, and a very comprehensive course to create commercial robots. This will allow you to decide whether Strategy Quant fits your needs without having to make a financial commitment. After the trial period, if you are happy with Strategy Quant, you can decide between several pricing options.

The initial package offers most of the main features of the platform and is priced at $1,290 USD. It is a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access to the software, with support and updates for one year.

The professional package is a complete option and is priced at $1,490 USD. This includes everything in the boot package combined with extra features like an optimizer, advanced testing, and data in additional markets. Obviously, this package gives you lifetime access to the Strategy Quant software with support and updates for one year.

The last available package is called Ultimate, with a one-time payment of $4,900 USD. It includes upgrades and life-long support, also includes lifetime data subscription and several educational video courses.

The cost of any package can be paid over three months, although it comes out a little more expensive, paying this way. At the moment, there is a sale on the top tier package, as shown below.

When Should I Use Strategy Quant X?

Strategy Quant will be more useful if you already have an intermediate knowledge of currency trading. The software is extremely easy to use and is more suitable for traders who already know in which markets they want to trade and which variables they want to control. Strategy Quant is also useful for you if you are interested in Forex scalping, or if you want to start using your own Forex bot. The software provides the source code, and it can be shared with other traders if you wish.

Advantages of Strategy Quant X

  • It is intuitive and easy to use the platform.
  • It does not require any programming knowledge.
  • The free 14-day trial allows you to test the entire platform.
  • Video training is excellent.

Disadvantages of Strategy Quant X

  • Prices are relatively expensive, especially for beginners.
  • Source codes are not compatible with all trading platforms.

Ease of Use

One of the most significant benefits of Strategy Quant is its ease of use. The interface is very intuitive, and you will soon feel comfortable with the program. Strategy Quant removes the encryption, and the platform will take care of it for you. Therefore, Strategy Quant X is perfect if you want to start designing your first trading strategies and be able to do it in an understandable way.


If you’re looking for a reliable automated strategy designer, and one that is also easy to use, there’s probably no better option on the market. For a one-time fee, you can start designing your own business strategy and own it. You will have access to your own source code, which means you can share your strategy with whoever you want.


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