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PipFinite Trend PRO Trend Trading Indicator Review


Today we will review the PipFinite Trend PRO Forex indicator, which was released on January 15, 2018. This tool was created to help traders identify market trends. In the design of the software, much interest has been given to trying to eliminate noise from the marketplace, while indicating precise signals of inputs and outputs. Improved rules, including statistical calculations, have also been included.


The developer of this software is Karlo Wilson Vendiola, who is located in the Philippines, and currently has 20 products available on the MQL5 market. The developer himself offers the support service through email or through his Facebook page.

Obviously, the distinctive strategy of Pipfinite Trend PRO is not revealed to the public. The developer has commented on some examples but doesn’t really provide much detail. Regardless of the commercial strategy, the use of the indicator is said to be very simple. In just three steps, traders can already receive signals, establish stop loss and profit-taking. After that, you can only wait for the system to do its job. The system will send you signals with an estimated success rate if the percentage is more than 65% the entry is recommended, while if it is less than that percentage, the trade will not be performed.

The developer wants the user to know that the software comes with a trend detection system based on images and statistics calculation. Signals are provided through pop-ups, email, and sound alerts within MT4.


  • Type: Forex Forex Indicator
  • Price: 98 USD
  • Strategy: Trend, Support, and resistance.
  • Time Frames: All Time frames
  • Pair list: All Pairs

Certainly, the price of 98 USD is an affordable price, considering how the market is in this type of Indicators. The software is ready to work correctly with all pairs and all time frames. But it is undoubtedly appreciated that developers focus on a system that works well on a few currency pairs and on a specific time frame. This will prevent the user from having to do a lot of tests to determine in which currencies and in which time frames a system works best.

As this is a Forex indicator, the software does not have any real business results. On the developer’s website, there is a video and a few examples of commercial results that cannot be checked because they are not verified.

The truth is that the market for Forex indicators rarely offers verifiable business results. It would really be a lot easier for the user if the creators of Indicators connected their accounts to Myfxbook to verify their findings in a reliable way. Because if the system really is a winner and can be demonstrated reliably, everything will also go much better for the developer and increase their sales.

Service Cost

As mentioned above, the PipFinite Trend PRO indicator can be purchased for $98 USD. There are additional options, however, such as the ability to rent the indicator for a period of one month for the price of $58 USD. A free demo is also on offer.


The reality is that, overall, customer feedback is very positive, and there are almost 1,000 comments. In most cases, users highlight the excellent functioning of the indicator in trends, where it appears to work well and produce good economic results.

We would like to know more about the strategy, but, logically, the developer does not want to give too much detail in this regard. It would be very positive if there were a really verified account on the developer’s website so that we can rely 100% on this product. For the rest, it seems that we are dealing with an indicator that has great potential and which we should include in our list in order to take it into account.


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