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Peregrine Expert Advisor Review

Peregrine is an Expert Advisor that was published by author Aleksandr Astahov on the mql5 marketplace in September of 2017. The most recent update to version 1.10 occurred just 3 days later.


Peregrine constantly monitors the market, looking for impulse movements or moments of high volatility. Whenever one occurs, the automatic EA places an order in the direction of that movement.


Here are a few quick facts about the automated Expert:

-Best results are with 11 currency pairs, including majors USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD, in addition to several minors.
-It also works with metals & oil.
-Works with any timeframe – M1 is recommended
-Compatible with any account type with four or five decimal places
-Does not use indicators or high-risk strategies, such as Martingale, grid, or average
-Orders are protected and closed by stop-loss; take profit is absent

This EA needs to be used with a low-spread broker that offers quick execution of orders. The developer recommends using VPS to minimize any delay.

Service Cost

This EA is priced at $30, which isn’t much for a fully functioning EA. Of course, traders will need to invest more than this overall – a $50 starting deposit is recommended, although some brokers may require larger deposits if you’re opening an account. The developer also recommends using VPS, which can add to the cost. Some brokers do offer this at a reduced cost or even for free with certain account types, but costs and deposit minimums can vary widely for something like this. Free demo accounts are also available and should be used for testing with your broker.


Peregrine is a fully automated EA that constantly monitors the market and enters into trades based on certain factors, without using indicators or riskier trading strategies. Orders are protected by tight stop loss. One of the biggest downsides to choosing this product is a lack of feedback from other users – the indicator remains unrated with no reviews, and most of the comments are from the developer.

If you do decide to purchase this EA (renting is not offered), then you might be taking a bit of a gamble in being one of the first to do so. To set yourself up for success, it is imperative to choose a reliable broker that offers low spread and fast execution, and VPS is recommended, which might add to one’s overall investment. Should you choose a broker with a high spread, then profits will be nearly nonexistent.

This Forex service can be found at the following web address:


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