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Loodle Forex EA Review


Loodle EA is a Forex trading robot created in April 2020 by developer Raphael Schwiet. Loodle is a high-quality automated consultant who is fully optimized for the future market at EURUSD M15. It is specially designed for the latest market situations.

It’s working with its own complex algorithm combined with some indicators to get entry and exit opportunities. The entry and exit logic only works in Bar Close. This filters out market noise, dramatically accelerates optimizations, prevents hunting for loss of stop, and ensures proper operation in any runner with a reasonable length.

Loodle EA uses an advanced algorithm to find entry points as well as several additional filters to enter and exit the market. The EA was tested with historical data with exceptional results. The tests were performed with the actual tick date with 99.90% accuracy, actual propagation, additional slip, and high commission.

Loodle EA Characteristics

*Does not use toxic or dangerous strategies such as martingale, arbitrage, tick picking, no… curve adjustment, etc.

*5 years 99% test quality with 1 lot size.

*Backtest Method Faster with Model: Open Prices Only (Input and Output Logic Works in Closing Bar)

*There is no need for optimization.

*Optional TP /SL Basket function for daily earnings.

*When TP or SL Basket came to stop trading for the rest of the day and start the next day a new session.

*Best optimized for real market situations.

Service Recommendations

*Works best with 4-5 digit brokers.

*Propagation filter.

*Equity Stop.

*Protection of reduction.

*Take profit Basket Function.

*Stop-loss basket function.

*Stop trading the Rest of the day TP/SL Basket Reached.

*Quick buttons for closing open orders (Close all, Close profit, Close loss, Close buys, Close sells).

*Info panel with EA information.

*5 Types of Money Management (Fixed Lot, Percentage, Geometric, Proportional, Balanced).

*Negotiating times are adjustable.

*Advanced algorithm to get in and out of the market.


Deadline: M15 (It is not recommended to use other deadlines for this robot, as they can only compromise the accuracy of operations.)

Symbols: EURUSD (This robot is not used in other pairs.)

Other Recommendations

Before using real money, test the advisor with minimal risk in the penny trading account. Use VPS or server with minimal network delays on broker server. Low spreads + low commission + quality execution – this is the main thing when choosing a broker for trading with this EA. Note that account coverage is allowed.


We have already analyzed other tools created by the same developer. In the case of Loodle, we are talking about an EA that works with the EURUSD in M15 time frames and using indicators that the creator does not reveal. And analyzing the rest of the characteristics we see that it is a product like another EA that has in the market MQL and that is called “Eagle EURUSD”.

Being also a product of very recent creation, we do not have comments from users who have already tried the tool and can tell us how their results have been. At this point, and given the little information provided by the developer, the most advisable thing in this EA is to download its demo version and know how it works, familiarize ourselves with its functions and see what results it gets, even if it is in a demo account.

Loodle EA is available on the MQL market at a selling price of 499 USD. There are also rental options, at a price of 199 USD for 3 months, 299 USD for 6 months, and 399 USD for 1 year.


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