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Guard FX Expert Advisor Review

Guard Fx EA is a robot created in March 2020 by Indonesian developer Herni Widiastuti. Herni Widiastuti is a regular online trading tool creator who has already successfully developed several EAs. The concept of GUARDFX EA is that each order will be guarded by other orders until the order is secure for release. The EA uses powerful strategies and approaches robust algorithms to capture the right price movements for an entry market.

The creator of Guardfx EA will continue with future updates to try to be the best expert advisor and meet the trading objectives of its users. The negotiation objectives of this Expert Advisor is a stable benefit with uses without grid, without martingale, without arbitration and the best part is fully automatic. The EA allows you to trade a fixed lot as well as includes the money management unit for automatic batch calculation based on default risk per transaction.



Use Guardfx EA in a good broker with low propagation, low stop level, and low slide. Also, low latency to ensure that orders are executed in the shortest time possible. Please use this EA in currency pairs with low spread and low stop level. Operations will be protected by loss of stop. Tight trailing is implemented. It can work with several instruments simultaneously.

Recommended pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY (if possible with spreads below 1 pip).


  • Please use this EA in the time-frame M5.
  • Use in Low Spread pairs.
  • Margin of recommendation is less than 1 pips.
  • The recommended leverage account is 1:500.

VPS hosting 24/7 is highly recommended, and in case you do not have a dedicated virtual server you will have to leave your computer on 24/7 so that all commands executed by the robot are answered.

Main Parameters of Guard Fx EA:

  • Magic number = 999 – Used to identify an order.
  • Order cmt = concorde turbo – Comments on each operation.
  • Stop loss = 10 – Stop loss size in pips. 10 is 10 pips.
  • Trailing stop = 2 – The size of the trailer stop in pips.
  • Trailing start = 3 – Start to run trailing in pips.
  • Buffer = 3 – Distance in pips for pending orders.
  • Max spread=2 – Maximum diffusion accepted for pips trading.
  • Volume threshold = 5 – Setting for Entry Trigger. The value must be greater than 0.
  • Speed factor = 2 – Setting for Entry Trigger. Value between 1 – 10.
  • Risk = 2.0 – Risk value for operations.
  • Manual lot size = 0.01 – Value of lot used if Money management is false.

In conclusion, the reality is that the developer hardly explains what the operation of this EA consists of. We don’t like that lack of information. The creator barely shows us a screenshot of the results of a test where the system seems profitable but we note that the quality of the model used for such tests is 89% when it should be 99.9% quality of the ticks.

The only thing we can recommend is to download the demo version before purchasing this EA, as its price is quite high, in this way we will see its performance and its ability to generate profits. For an EA of these characteristics, the least we can demand from the developer is a real account audited with the robot running with real money.

If you want to have this tool, it is a vein in the MQL market at a price of 1000 USD. It is also available for rent at a price of 200 USD for 1 month of use and 300 USD for 3 months of use.


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