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Fulgent AI for MT4 EA Review

Fulgent AI for MT4 EA is a robot created in March 2020 by the American Haskell Edward Ii Downs. Fulgent AI for MT4 EA engine is powered by a Genetic Algorithm specifically designed to find cost-effective Trade Rules in massive amounts of commercial data. By examining indicators, patterns, and events across multiple time frames as well as market relationships, the I.A. identifies cost-effective configurations of billions of possible combinations – a job that would not be possible for anyone to do. The Knowledge Base is constantly updated with the latest market data and events.

Haskell Edward Ii Downs has been applying Artificial Intelligence to the market with great success for the past 20 years. Using specific market measurements, safety graph measurements, analysis of various time frames, and cross-market correlation, Haskell Edward Ii Downs continuously finds the best possible “configurations” with unmatched accuracy and profitability. The EA is designed for specifically Autotrading.


EA Time Frame and Symbols:

This Expert Advisor is designed to be negotiated within 60 minutes at USDJPY and EURUSD. Separate genetic algorithm knowledge bases have been created for long and short operations. The average duration of trade is 5 hours. All orders, both incoming and outgoing, are market orders.

General Parameters:

  • Magic Number: Magic number for these EA strategy parameters
  • Parameters of the strategy
  • Batches: Number of batches to be traded at each signal

Parameters of Trading:

  • Use Max Spread: Enable Max Spread Filter
  • Max Spread Pips: Maximum propagation value in pips
  • Use Slippage: Enable the Max Slippage filter
  • Max Slippage: Max Slippage Value

Days of the week:

  • Entries on Sunday: Activate trade on Sundays
  • Entries on Monday: Activate trade on Monday
  • Entries on Tuesday: Trade on Tuesday
  • Entries on Wednesday: Activate trade on Wednesday
  • Entries on Thursday: Activate trading on Thursday
  • Entries on Friday: Activate trade on Friday
  • Entries on Saturday: Activate trade on Saturday

Time Settings:

  • Use Time Slot1: Enable the First Time Slot
  • Start Time Slot1: Start time for the first Time Slot
  • End Time Slot1: End Time for First Time Slot
  • Use Time Slot2: Enable the second Time Slot
  • Start Time Slot2: Start Time for Second Time Slot
  • End Time Slot2: End Time for Second Time Slot

In short, we are talking about a quite complete robot because it analyzes indicators, patterns, and events (news) for its functioning. For any EA it is important to have a VPS (dedicated virtual server) in order not to lose any transaction performed by the robot. It is also interesting to have an EN account in a reliable and low latency broker so that transactions are executed in the shortest time possible.

As a newly created tool, there are no comments from users who have tried it and can give us their opinions about its functionality and profitability. Therefore, what we recommend is to download the free demo version in order to see how the robot works and to verify if it is as profitable as the developer says. For those who want to use Fulgent AI for MT4 EA, inform that it is not for sale and is only available for rent, which costs 100 USD per month.


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