Crypto Market Analysis

Litecoin Holding The Minor Gains

Litecoin (LTC)

Market Cap: $6.71B

Circulating Supply: 56.79M LTC


Max Supply: 84M LTC

Volume (24h) $297.53M

Technical Analysis

Litecoin was into another correction phase on the short term as the crypto market has turned to the downside again. The price increased aggressively on Tuesday and has shown an oversold signal. However, it is still premature to talk about a significant increase after one strong bullish candle. I’ve seen a lot of analysts that are sustaining that the major cryptocurrencies will start to increase again and that the correction is completed. Personally, I need a confirmation before I’ll go long again because the major cryptocurrencies are still trapped below some very important and strong resistance levels.


You can see that Litecoin has developed a major triangle on the Daily chart, so only a breakout from this pattern will bring a clear direction for the upcoming period. Price has retested the downside line of the chart pattern and failed to reach and retest the 106.52 static support.

LTC/USD failed to reach and retest the upside 50% Fibonacci line of the descending pitchfork in the last two attempts signaling that the sellers are exhausted after last week’s drop.

We’ll see what will really happen when the rate will reach the fourth warning line (wl4) of the former ascending pitchfork. You should know that a valid breakdown below this dynamic support will signal a further drop. You can see that I’ve drawn a minor ascending pitchfork, so it could come to test and retest the lower median line (lml) in the upcoming days.


You can buy it only if the rate stays within the minor ascending pitchfork’s body, and if it stays above the triangle’s downside line. The first upside target it will be at the UML of the descending pitchfork and the second one at the upside line of the chart pattern. The Stop Loss can be placed below the 106.52 level.


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