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Indicator Combine Merge by RunwiseFX Review


Indicator Combine Merge by Runwisefx is an indicator created in March 2017 by the developer Runwise Limited.


This indicator allows multiple indicators to be combined into a single indicator, both visually and in terms of alertness. Indicators may have core indicators, e.g. CCI, RSI, etc., and also customized indicators, including those acquired through the MQL market, or where they only have the ex4 file. An early warning is provided, for example, when 4 out of 5 indicators have been aligned, and a confirmed alert when all agree.

It also includes a statistical panel that reports on the success of the combined indicator by reviewing the current chart. The rate of profit, profit, and reduction is calculated, on the basis of a selected stop loss and take the profit/output regime. The results of other charts can also be displayed together and sorted with the best performance symbols shown first – allowing you to select the best symbols/deadlines.

The indicator is easily configured using pop-up forms. The product comes ready and configured for the M30 period, using a range of standard indicators, with confirmation in the H4 time frame. The indicator is equally compatible with any EA, allowing easy conversion to an EA that can operate automatically.

The main features of this indicator are:

-It combines different indicators both visually and in terms of alertness.

-Work with core indicators and genuine indicators, even if they only have ex4 file or those purchased on the market.

-The indicators are examined in the near candle, by default, so not repainted.

-Choice of two alert levels that can be configured – an early (when 75% of the indicators aligned) and confirmed (all aligned).

-Shows the trade performance statistics of the indicators combined with the profit, benefit, and reduction ratio – calculated in real-time by examining the current chart.

-Option to display the statistics table of other graphics/ symbols that the indicator is loaded on – sorted by profit.

-The results show the result of early warning and confirmed, so you can see that it is working better.

-Option to automatically select early warning or confirmed, depending on which has the greatest benefit, or gain ratio.

-Realistic calculation of statistics taking into account a selected ancillary loss, profit/loss scheme, and spread.

-Stop-loss can be specified as fixed pips or using a variety of automatic calculation methods, including a custom indicator.

-Statistics can also include the effect of trading hours, profit/partial output to take, delay stop loss, and auto break even when the target is achieved.

-The profitability and profitability objectives can be specified as risk-reward percentages or in pips.

-Pips can be determined as a percentage of the Real Average Daily Range, allowing you to scale automatically depending on the symbol.

-Displays simulated operations in the graph with open price, used stop loss, closing price, and profit…

-Automatic recalculation of statistics on configuration changes, showing the effect on the gain, benefit, and reduction ratio.

-Restore the previous configuration with a single click if the change was not beneficial.

-The configured stop-loss, break-even, and take profit prices are displayed in the chart for use with new trading.

-Easy to use configuration popups.

-Selection of display formats, e.g. bar or histogram.

-Selection of alert systems, e.g. email, pop-up, or mobile notification.

-Easy integration with our AE for automated trading.

Service Cost

The indicator has a free trial version and is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 89 USD.


In short, we are talking about a handy indicator that can make the task much easier for all those traders who are using several indicators. We are really talking about a very useful tool, as demonstrated by the many positive criticisms made by users of this indicator. If you are a trader who uses several indicators, surely Indicator Combine Merge by Runwisefx can be very useful.



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