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Esparta Expert Advisor Review


The Sparta robot promises results with high profitability in a short space of time. Likewise, the installation is very fast and easy to run, and its interface is attractive and very intuitive.

In stock markets, in general, it is often said that the Martingale, averaging the price, and all types of progressive monetary management, do not usually work well. There are estimates that say more than 90% of the signs of success, with high returns, and long-term, use this type of monetary management. And a very similar situation occurs with accounts called PAMM.

The Sparta robot is an expert consultant that can be used with different types of currencies and that is fully automated. This robot uses a position management method called “Decreasing Waves”. This method, used by the Sparta robot, is specially developed to work with stock charts, and its operation in the Forex market is excellent. The essence of this method is to know that the price waves will not always be falling and when the price wave becomes upward the losses of the transactions made previously are eliminated. This is how this robot manages the position size.

The Esparta robot has two modes of negotiation:

Automatic: The automatic mode is ideal for use by beginner traders or inexperienced traders. It uses a single chart and is able to work with 7 currency pairs simultaneously. It also does not require any advanced settings for use.

Manual: In this mode, any type of financial asset can be used. There are unlimited options for configuring robot parameters according to our convenience, and transactions are done in a single graph. In this option, it is necessary to configure the parameters manually, so it is convenient to have prior knowledge of the trade. This mode is more suitable for more advanced traders.

The robot developers claim to be planning to expand the list of trading modes. Also for all traders who have created their own parameters for a specific group of financial assets, the creators of Sparta undertake to create an automated system with the proper configuration for its operation.

The robots created by the Sparta developers are subject to the corresponding tests in real accounts. This is the best way to check for users whether a robot is reliable or not.

To start the EA SPARTA, it is sufficient to set the expert advisor on a graph H1 for example with the EUR/USD, and using the default configuration by default. This step would be sufficient to be able to trade with all currency pairs.

The main features of the Robot EA Sparta are:

Accounts: Coverage of risks.

Currency pairs with which you can work in automatic mode: EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY.

It works on time bars and works quite well with internet connections that are not too fast.

The robot can operate in an “open price only” mode when the strategy is being tested.

It does not use operations with small temporary spaces (Scalping, Pipsing).

Use batch augmentation in the following series offers.

We are dealing with a robot that seems to work well and with which attractive profitability can be achieved. A minimum deposit of USD 100 is required to start the activity with the Sparta robot. It is available on the MQL market and is currently priced at 305 USD. 


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