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EUR/USD Violates Triple Top – Upward Trendline Supports!

The EUR/USD currency pair managed to extend its previous 2-day gaining streak and remained bullish around near above mid-1.1800 level, mainly due to the broad-based U.S. dollar selling bias, triggered by the risk-on market sentiment, which keeps the currency pair higher. Hence the market trading sentiment was being supported by the coronavirus vaccine-led enthusiasm. 

On the contrary, the buying interest around the currency pair was capped by the intensifying virus fugues in Europe, which raised doubts over the Eurozone economic recovery and became the key factor that has been capped further upside in the currency pair. At the moment, the EUR/USD currency pair is currently trading at 1.1849 and consolidating in the range between the 1.1834 – 1.1854.


The EUR/USD traded bullish at 1.1850 level, but recently it has formed a Doji pattern followed by bullish candles, suggesting that the buyers are exhausted, and sellers may enter the market soon. Therefore, we can expect the EUR/USD price to trade bearish until the 1.1838 level, the support level extended by an upward trendline on the hourly timeframe. Bullish crossover of 1.1856 level can also trigger buying until 1.1880.


Entry Price – Buy 1.18588

Stop Loss – 1.18188

Take Profit – 1.18988

Risk to Reward – 1:1

Profit & Loss Per Standard Lot = -$400/ +$400

Profit & Loss Per Micro Lot = -$40/ +$40

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