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Investing in an Early Stage of an ICO


Are projects (ICOs) worth looking at in early stages?

This article will show you that while investing, one does not have to follow the crowd in order to be successful. During times where market timing is not in the best spot (with the whole crypto market going down) and people not wanting to diversify gains, as they rarely have any, people are scared of investing in ICOs. Most people just follow the crowd and the hype when it comes to ICOs. There are, however, many more factors that need to be included in the analysis. My previous articles have shown that an ICO needs to be looked at from many perspectives (token economics, team, social media, SEO part of the website…) but what happens when an ICO is in the early stages?

Early stage ICOs

Investing in early stages of an ICO might be the way to acquire the best bonuses. But it is also a big risk, as there is usually not enough data for a conclusive analysis. So how do we determine if a project is worth investing?
1. Project Idea – the most important thing with every ICO is the idea. It’s the problem they are trying to solve and the lifeline of their project. You can always judge the potential acceptance of the idea when it comes to ICOs, no matter how early it is in the project.

2. Team –it’s what makes the idea go from vision to reality. If we are looking at early stage ICOs, this becomes even more important, as this is one of the few things we can just it on. Both team and advisory board need to be impeccable.

3. Roadmap – Less value than the first too, but is used to estimate the time frame of the investment.

4. Potential social media coverage – this part will probably be non-existent as the project is in very early stages. However, some influencers might be on it as fast as you are.

5. The X factor – something that will intrigue other people. It is usually some part of the idea or their monetization plan.

What is important and noticeable here is: I didn’t list token economics or Hype/market traction anywhere. This is because we are looking at potential gem project way too early for them to have these.


Early stage ICOs are potential moneymakers, and can bring you amazing returns. However, we are operating with insufficient data in the ICO analysis, so this brings a lot more risk. This means that compromising on any of the factors analyzed will cost people their investments. I would advise picking only the best of the best ICOs to invest early on, or just keep an eye on them and wait for the data to present and the investment to be more safe (and reliable).


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