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Trend Improvement Indicator Review

We are talking again about another indicator designed for trend trading. The Trend Improvement indicator shows entry points and shows the levels of Takeprofit and Stoploss in the graph, as well as calculates the overall result of our trades. Trend Improvement is a good tool for testing input parameters, and it will also allow you to find the most cost-effective options based upon input parameters quickly.


It is clear that among thousands of indicators there is no universal indicator that is cost-effective across all currency pairs and long-term time frames. All universal indicators usually generate little profit on a few currency pairs or do not make any profit on other currency pairs in the long run.


Furthermore, it is common that indicators cannot function without long-term changes. Indicators need to be constantly adapted to new market behavior. After some time, all indicators need to be optimized for greater benefits. The concept of the idea is to let the trader find the best parameters for each pair and time frame by themselves. This clearly takes a long time, but the trading community can share the results in a public environment like MQL. In addition, traders do not have to buy an indicator, all this can be done preliminarily in a demo trial version.

Parameter & Proofs

In order to find the optimal parameters, it is best to perform tests. The developer of this indicator has performed various tests of the system parameters obtained during optimization on a sample of historical data other than optimization. The recommendation is to use data from the last two months. In the first month, you can find some of the best parameters. In the second month, you can check if these settings are appropriate or if they are already obsolete.

-When opening the strategy tester, select the start date and last date of last month. Periods of 1H and set the display speed to 1.

-Then you open the indicator property and set the maximum history bars = 528 (approximate number of bars in a month).

-The tests begin, if the results are not satisfactory, you can stop the tests, change the parameters, and start the tests again.

-If the results are good, you will need to adjust the display speed to the maximum and check the result in the last few months.

-If the results of the last month are good, then it can already be considered that these parameters can be used in real trade.

Service Cost

Trend Improvement Pro can be purchased for a single month for the price of $19 USD. This will provide you with a full month for testing. Should you like the indicator and wish to continue using it, three months of service can be purchased for the price of $39, saving you 32% off the price of a single month. For even more savings, consider purchasing a one-year service membership for the cost of $79 USD.


In short, we are talking about a very simple indicator, which we can configure to our liking and according to our trading preferences. There are many trend indicators in the market, so there is a lot of competition between them in the MQL market. With regard to this indicator, we recommend using the free version first and modifying parameters such as those mentioned in this analysis. If you want to rent it later, it can be done for 39 USD per year or 10 USD per month. This indicator is not available for sale.


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