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TradingView Made Me A Better Trader (and It Can Do the Same for You)


TradingView is a technical analysis tool with a wide range of functions. It is basically a platform where you can perform analyses of different assets and markets in a simple, easy, and intuitive way. But it doesn’t stop there…

TradingView offers an online social network service for Traders. It is the most active social network for traders and investors, where you can talk to millions of traders around the world, and where users share their study of different assets and financial markets as well as being a place to discuss ideas for possible operations. In addition, we can operate directly from the platform if we connect a Broker to our Tradingview account.

What is TradingView?

It is a social trading platform, founded in 2011 and covering a major need for many traders. Since TradingView only acts as an analysis tool for upcoming trades and exchanges between investors and traders, we cannot classify it as a broker… In short, TradingView is a kind of social network for traders that in turn allows for analyses of different markets and financial instruments.

How much does Trading View cost? There are several possibilities as far as account type is concerned. We can get Tradingview for free, and we can opt for paid versions. As we write this article (during the final quarter of 2020), the available options are as follows:

You can create a free account, which provides basic services such as 1 chart per tab, 3 indicators per chart, and a saved chart layout, among other features. Access is limited to one device to the free account at a time.

Payment account options include Pro, Pro+, and Premium.

We have the TradingView Pro subscription: It is priced at $9.95 per month if billing is done every 2 years, $12.95 per month if invoiced every year, and $14.95 if invoiced every month.

Second TradingView Pro+ subscription: It is priced at $19.95 per month if billing is done every 2 years, $24.95 per month if invoiced every year, and $29.95 if invoiced every month.

And finally the TradingView Premium subscription: It has a price of 39.95 dollars per month if billing is done every 2 years, 49.95 dollars per month if invoiced every year, and 59.95 dollars if invoiced every month.

For more up-to-date information on prices and features, you can visit their website.

How to Use TradingView

How to set up Tradingview is one of the questions that every user asks the first time they use the platform. As we mentioned before, it has many tools, different types of graphics, and indicators of all kinds, designed in an easy and intuitive way for easy use and for all types of Traders, both beginners, and experts. Therefore the user will have at their disposal everything necessary to analyze, in a professional and simple way, the assets and/or markets that interest him.

How to operate Tradingview is simple thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Still, let’s give a brief overview of the entire platform. On the platform, in its most basic format; the one that comes by default before working and customize our space based on the functions of the package we have, we can see:

In the center, we find the price chart.

On the left side, we show the tools available for the analysis of the graph.

If we look at the top we will see a menu that allows us to change the asset, the temporality of the chart, the type of chart we want to have, indicators, or price alerts that we want to program.

At the top right, we can create and save profiles or graphics templates, or switch between those we already have saved. We can also from here modify the view size or some basic design options and properties of the chart as well as publish or share it with other users.

In the extreme right, we will see tools to create watch lists, the news calendar, our published operational ideas, or the option of “help” among other functions.

Finally, in the right area of the screen, we will see a table where we can follow the prices and news of the watch lists that we believe in the menu of zone 5.

As you can see, Tradingview offers endless features and features that will be useful for Traders who are starting their way in the financial markets as expert Traders or Professional Traders.

How to Trade With the TradingView Platform

Many traders ask themselves the following questions, usually before entering the mode of payment, in order to make the most of the platform:

  • Is Tradingview a Broker?
  • How to connect a broker to Tradingview?
  • Which brokers do you support?

All these questions have answers. Tradingview is not a broker, but if you have Brokers that can connect to the platform and so be able to trade with them through the platform and thus avoid having to change screens and simplify and streamline the operation.

Unfortunately, not all brokers can connect to Tradingview, and in addition, these, are changing over time. On their website, we can find the Affiliate Brokers, but we will see how to see it in the platform in a simple way and also know how to connect a Broker with TradingView.

Display the Tradingview Supported Brokers box. To see this, it is as simple as clicking on purchase or sale. We will automatically open at the bottom of our screen the Brokers available to trade with Tradingview, make sure you no longer have your Broker connected or you will be entering with a purchase or sale to the market.

In order to realize everything, we will have to be logged into our Tradingview account and have a Trading account in one of the accepted Brokers. Once we select the Broker we want to connect with, we will simply have to follow the simple steps and provide the information we are asked to provide. Once the broker is connected to the platform, being able to buy or sell will be just one click away.

What we would recommend is to do a bit of land survey and read reviews about Tradingview and its functionality with a connected Broker, as well as reviews from the Broker that we will use before launching into the water. This way we will not make false moves. And if our Broker is not one of the accepted ones, we can always take a look at alternatives to TradingView…

Is Trading View a broker? No, it is not. But as we mentioned, it has the option of being able to connect the broker’s “partners” and thus be able to operate from the same platform.

Alternatives to TradingView

Some examples of alternatives to TradingView may be:

  • MetaTrader
  • NinjaTrader
  • Protrader
  • Muunship
  • Trade Republic
  • Kattana

Tradingview is a platform of great utility for all Trader, be it Novice or expert, where to analyze different activities and financial markets. The reality is that it is a large social network with the aim of operators to exchange analyses, ideas, and opinions. And if we have our broker account connected, it will allow us to operate directly from the platform. It is therefore a platform with many functionalities and therefore one of the most used trading platforms.


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