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Top 10 Crypto Traders And Blockchain Experts To Follow On Twitter

The world of crypto trading can be murky. To a large extent, this is attributable to the still-novel nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It can also be due to the sheer volatility of the markets that can catch even the most experienced trader off-guard at any time.

What’s the beginner crypto trader to do?

Well, crypto enthusiasts can always turn to Crypto Twitter. In this context, Crypto Twitter refers to accounts that have dedicated themselves to providing trading analyses, rationale, and making sense of crypto market moves in general.

In this piece, we provide some of the best crypto trading and analysis experts on Twitter.

Here are their twitter handles:

1. Bitcoin Jack @BTC_JackSparrow

Bitcoin Jack is a crypto trader and a market analyst who offers his analysis in the form of visually stunning charts. If you are a fan of charts and graphs and not so much into theory, then his views on the market are worth following.

2. Mayne @Tradermayne

Mayne is a crypto trader who uses price action as the basis of his analysis, trading insights, and market moves. And he’s happy to share his ideas with his 64k+ Twitter followers. Having been involved in cryptos since 2013, he’s more experienced in the ins and outs of crypto trading than your average crypto investor.

3. Philakone @PhilakoneCrypto

Philakone is also referred to as ‘Philakone Sniper Day Trader.’ On his Twitter page, you’ll find high-quality research and trading resources in the form of videos and charts. He doesn’t shy either from sharing how trading is affecting his personal life.

4. Crypto Rand @crypto_rand

217k+ followers have seen reason to camp at Rand’s Twitter timeline. He regularly shares his technical analyses and connections between crypto and the real-world economy.

5. Luke Martin @VentureCoinist

Luke Martin is one of crypto Twitter’s most-followed figures. His followers are treated with regular technical analyses, charts, and market commentary.

You can subscribe to his daily live webinar, a favorite among traders, for $50 per month. If you want an in-depth analysis of price movements of altcoins, then his account is a must-follow.

6. @filbfilb

Twitter user filbfilb regularly tweets about crypto charts, his trading analyses, and ideas, as well as his predictions on Bitcoin’s future performance. He also writes a weekly newsletter that provides further insights, and he maintains a free journal on Telegram that anyone can access.

7. Anondran @AnondranCrypto

Anondran is a crypto trader, investor, and analyst who has been around since 2015. On Twitter, his fans can expect frequent commentary on what’s happening in the crypto space, as well as his predictions on the most popular cryptocurrencies.

8. Alvin Lee @onemanatatime

Lee is a crypto trading expert who has been around the block for a while. He runs the Aluna Crypto Currency and Trading (LINKKKM) blog, on which readers gain access to different trading/market analysis strategies and tactics. On Twitter, he provides his take on future price movements as well as his own technical analyses.

9. Vinny Lingham @VinnyLingham

Lingham is the co-founder of Civic, a blockchain-based identity management startup. He’s known to provide surprisingly accurate price forecasts on Bitcoin. Lingham is also a frequent fixture at crypto events, where he’s invited to share his insights on the current and future crypto landscape.

10. CoinDesk Markets @CoinDeskMarkets

This isn’t an individual trader. It’s CoinDesk’s official crypto markets Twitter account where they provide commentary on crypto-related events, analyze signals, and follow market moves closely. It’s one of the best accounts to follow if you don’t want to miss the price action of the most popular cryptos.

Final Thoughts

While these crypto trader accounts provide highly relevant and useful insights on what’s happening in the market, remember no trader is infallible or always correct. If you take everything they say and blindly replicate, it’s one way to lose money. These accounts, and any other similar accounts, should aid you in your own research, not replace it.