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PARTICL Can Buyers Take Control Again?

 Particl (PART)

Market Cap: $87.60M

Circulating Supply: 8.98M PART


Max Supply: 0 PART

Volume (24h) $1.26M

Technical Analysis

Particl price resumes the downside movement and could reach lows soon as the pressure is very high. PART/USD approaches a very strong support area, so you can keep an eye on this to see how it will react in the upcoming days.

The current drop is natural as the crypto market has turned to the downside again and because the rate has failed to stay above a very strong dynamic support.


It was expected to drop further after the breakdown below the lower median line (lml) of the ascending pitchfork. The breakdown below the 150% line has attracted more sellers.

Technically, it is expected to drop towards the first warning line (wl1) of the ascending pitchfork and towards the downside line of the Falling Wedge pattern after the failure to approach and retest the downtrend line.

The rate has signalled that it is losing the bearish momentum in the last days when it has failed to reach and retest the upside 50% Fibonacci line of the descending pitchfork.  However, the bearish bias remains intact as long as the rate continues to stay below the sliding parallel line (SL) of the descending pitchfork.


We may have a buying opportunity if the rate will be rejected by the 8.21276496 static support, if it will stay above the warning line (wl1) and if it will make a valid breakout above the SL of the descending pitchfork. A drop below the mentioned levels will invalidate the bullish scenario.


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