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Is There a Shortcut to Trading Success?

Many people have wondered if there is some sort of shortcut to becoming a successful trader. The short answer is no. In fact, many times trading shortcuts can backfire and hurt us rather than help. But as a forex trader, it is important to understand why shortcuts do not work. 

First, getting a good trading education is key to making good trading decisions. While there is a never-ending stream of information online, you must make yourself put in the time to learn. Even if you plan on using an automated robot, it is important to understand the market and how it works. You need to know how trading psychology affects our trades and you should understand risk-management precautions. It will take you weeks, months, and possibly even years to take in all this information, and you should never stop pursuing knowledge about trading even once you consider yourself to be an expert. Remember, if trading were easy, everyone would be doing it. Most people don’t want to put in the extra time to learn the things they need to make good trading decisions, which causes them to lose everything. 


Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that forex trading is a fast way to get rich. On the contrary, it is very much like a job, requiring time, dedication, and experience to profit. If you’re looking to make a few thousand dollars a month, it even requires a large investment of somewhere around $30,000 and full-time day trading hours. The mind-frame that trading is easy is what leads many beginners down the path to failure. Scammers take advantage of this idea with flashy promises and guarantees that they will help you become rich. It is important to remember that nothing is guaranteed when trading, and no company can promise to help you profit.

Forex isn’t a scam, but there are scammers out there. Always research any company you plan on dealing with and be wary of things that sound too good to be true. Forex brokers are looking to make money themselves – and while they may dangle real incentives like bonuses or promotions in front of you to get you to open an account with them, they still must make a profit.  These brokers should give you a realistic idea of your earning potential and encourage you to seek education if you’re just a beginner. Many trustworthy brokers offer free educational resources on their websites and offer demo accounts for practice. 

Another scam that often takes advantage of those seeking a get rich quick scheme is false trading signals. To clarify, a trading signal is a notification of when you should open or close a trade. Trading signals can be helpful, but you still need to check behind them yourself to be sure that they are based on strong information. Another similar scam involves trading robots, otherwise labeled as Expert Advisors (EA). These robots automatically trade for you, but many of them don’t work successfully. Remember, robots cannot make judgments the way we do. They can only think the way they are programmed to think without seeing the bigger picture or taking other factors into account.

Trading signals and EAs can be helpful tools, but you shouldn’t use them unless you understand the market and have ensured that the company or individual providing them is legitimate. Once again, promises or guarantees of profits are signs of scammers. Beginners often make the mistake of thinking that using these tools can help them become successful overnight. Many even leave forex robots running for long periods of time, only to find their account has been wiped out quickly afterward. There is no magic answer when it comes to trading robots or trading signals – these are all just interpretations of the market. 

There are a few other mistakes that beginners make under the assumption that they will profit quickly. Overleveraging your trades is one of the most common mistakes that will disrupt your trading career. Using high leverage should be reserved for experienced traders, so don’t think that using the highest leverage will ensure a great deal of profit. In fact, it will do the opposite. Others might use too many indicators, which results in information overload. Some may fail to keep a trading journal because they are being sloppy.

If there were a shortcut to becoming rich, we would all do it. Unfortunately, forex trading may look like the answer, but becoming a successful trader takes a lot of time and dedication that many people aren’t looking to invest. It can also cause traders to lose out on a significant amount of funds if it isn’t done correctly. Scammers are always looking to take advantage of people that want a quick solution, so you should always be on guard when dealing with brokerages, trading signals, or EA providers.

The good news is that becoming a successful trader is possible and it can be quite profitable with a lot of hard work. Many traders have even managed to quit their day jobs and take up full-time day trading. Of course, it takes time to work up to this. You can get started on the road to success today by educating yourself, and always remember to keep an eye out for scams and opportunities that seem too good to be true. There are no guarantees or promises of profits in the world of forex trading.


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