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Exp TickSniper Expert Advisor Review

Exp TickSniper EA is a robot that has been on the market for 7 years and has been updated periodically. Its creator is Vladislav Andruschenko, this developer has already created several successful advisors.

Exp TickSniper is a fast tick climber that automatically selects the parameters for each currency pair separately. The EA has developed from the experience gained in almost 10 years of programming and carries out short-term operations using an intelligent stop based on current currency pair data, their quotes, specification, and spread.


The averaging strategy is used to avoid losses caused by the signal detection algorithm. If an open position suffers a specific loss, then the averaged position function is activated. In extreme cases, the positions opened by Ticksniper are accompanied by a loss of stop. If the trading system cannot make a minimal profit, then the positions are closed by a loss stop one by one.

The system automatically defines the favorable stop loss and takes the gain levels as well as the distances of averaging positions, drag stop distance, etc. The EA obtains data on these parameters from a currency pair specification, current prices, and other factors that are part of our strategy. To start operating with our consultant, you need to install it on your account, then the robot will do its job.

Recommended commercial account:

Recommended AT-RISK deposit of 1,000 USD with a minimum batch of 0.01, 3 currency pairs (for example EURUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY);

Recommended deposit AVERAGE RISK 300 USD with minimum lot 0.01 in a currency pair (e.g., EURUSD);

Recommended HIGH-RISK deposit of 100 USD with minimum lot 0.01 in 1 currency pair (e.g., EURUSD);

Broker requirements will be, ECN PRO, floating margin, and leverage 1:300 and above.


-It works on the currency pair, with the chart attached.

-The deadline doesn’t matter.

-A floating extension is recommended. A zero extension is prohibited.

-Each open position is accompanied by a loss of stop, averaging function, and an additional opening.

-The cumulative position (a series of open positions) has its final stop.

-If the position or series of positions benefits, the EA establishes a break-even point. If the price recedes, such a position is closed by the equilibrium point.

-The EA calculates the differential based on the average of the last ticks.

It seems that we are looking at a very recommendable EA, has been in the market for years and has been updated continuously, the last update was in January 2020. The creator of the robot is a very active developer in the forums of MQL, where it commercializes its EA, and always responds to all queries of its users. These users have been awarding positive appraisals of this automated system for years.

This Robot is available on the MQL market at a price of 199 USD, although you can also rent it for 35 USD per month, and try the free demo version.


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