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EA Prototype Reverse Review

The Prototype Reverse Expert Advisor was made available in September 2019 by the creator Svyatoslav Kucher. Kucker has an extensive list of available products ranging from indicators to expert advisors. The EA we will be looking at today has not had any updates made since 2019 and unfortunately, there are no reviews about it at the moment. Read through this review to get a better idea of what this Expert Advisor does and how it can help you increase your profits when trading.


The Prototype Reverse EA uses order averaging to avoid losses when prices move in the opposite direction from the initial entry. The EA basis its entrance according to what happened in the first order, ie, if the first order is closed at a profit, the next order is opened in the same direction in the hope of achieving the same results and vice versa; if the first order is closed at a loss, the next order is opened in the opposite direction.


There are a number of parameters that can be set by the users including; language, the maximum number of open orders at one given moment, the take profit value in points, the percentage of margin, the width and style of the lines and also the ability to delete the order history from the price chart amongst many others. This EA is extremely customizable and you can find the full list parameters on the website.

Service Cost

The cost of the Prototype Reverse EA is $35 for purchase or $15 monthly. Users can also choose to test out the free demo which is available before investing in this product.


Unfortunately, there are no user reviews or comments regarding this product at the moment, and from 46 people that downloaded the free demo, only 5 of them decided to purchase it. If you think this EA can help make your trading more profitable, we suggest downloading the free version to try it out first hand and determine whether it can be beneficial for you.

This Forex Indicator is currently available in the MQL5 marketplace:


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