The crypto market showing oversold signs


The cryptocurrency market has started to show some oversold signs in the last days but is still premature to talk about a broader rebound at this moment. The major cryptocurrencies have found temporary support and are fighting hard to jump higher again.


The BTC/USD dropped a little today and continued to stay below the 7000 psychological level. Price is moving sideways in the short term and remains to see if this will be an accumulation or a distribution movement. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin remains under high selling pressure; the perspective remains bearish as long as it is trapped below some very important resistance levels. Technically, the crypto is somehow expected to start a significant upside movement after the amazing corrective phase, but the fundamental factors are still very strong.


Cryptocurrency Market BTC/USD dropped

You can see on the Daily chart that the rate has made a valid breakout above the first warning line (WL1) of the major descending pitchfork, but only a valid breakout above the lower median line (lml) of the minor ascending pitchfork will confirm an upside movement.

Bitcoin has tested and retested the sliding line (sl) and continues to stay much above the 6000 support level. A valid breakout above the lower median line (lml) will signal an increase towards the 50% Fibonacci line and towards the median line (ml).

However, a valid breakdown below the sliding line (sl) will force the rate to drop below the 6000 psychological level as well.


The Ethereum downside movement was paused and now is trying to approach and reach some very important upside targets.

Ethereum downside movement

Price has failed to stabilize below the 385 static support and now has jumped much above the median line (ML) of the major descending pitchfork. Resistance can be found at the 50% Fibonacci line again. Only a valid breakout above it will send the rate towards the upper median line (UML).

The failure to approach and retest the downside 50% Fibonacci line has signaled an oversold and a potential leg higher. A valid breakout from the descending pitchfork will really confirm a larger upside movement.


Ripple tries to become the leader in the payments transfer sector on the cryptocurrency market. It could launch a Ripple-based international payment app. in partnership with the Bank Santander. Ripple invests $25 million worth of XRP in the VC Firm Blockchain Capital. All these efforts could help the crypto price to increase in the upcoming period.

Ripple tries to become the leader in the payments transfer sector

Technically, the XRP/USD is still trapped below the minor downtrend line and below the 0.57210 broken static support. I’ve drawn an ascending pitchfork hoping that I’ll catch an upside movement. Price slipped below the lower median line (lml), but a false breakdown could signal another leg higher. We may go long on this cryptocurrency after a valid breakout above the downtrend line and if will stabilize above the lower median line (lml).