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Comparing Popular Forex, Crypto and Penny Stocks Trading Methods

From podcasts to blog posts, we are constantly exposed to countless pieces of information. Everyone is nowadays sharing their opinions on the best investment strategies that should get you from zero to professional in no time. As we can at times rely a little too much on other people’s thoughts and ideas. You should know that there is a particular indicator which grants success regardless of what one decides to trade – profit. The final outcome and goal of every trade anyone ever does is one thing – money.

So, if you happened to be wondering if your investment strategy is the right one, just ask yourself the question of what is more important – being right or being profitable. While this is often easier said than done, we should first put effort into understanding which skills can help you begin or jump-start your career as a cryptocurrency trader. If you are a successful crypto trader or a forex trader attempting to trade cryptocurrencies, you will find that specific knowledge unique for the world of forex may be the one thing you have not given a try yet.


Firstly, we must acknowledge the fact that, to be able to understand how any form of trading functions, we really give ourselves the opportunity to compare and contrast as many different types of trading as possible. Not only will such an approach generate more knowledge, and therefore more insight, expansion across several markets will also lessen the chances to severely endanger your financial stability. While sources we turn to in order to learn more about trading often point to one of the popular markets, such as stocks, metal, etc., exploring the options to cover more than one market can give you an advantageous position as the truth is always somewhere in between.

By focusing on a single market and references which only praise that particular type of trade without acknowledging the power of a more comprehensive standpoint, you both deprive yourself of the opportunities to increase your profit and reduce your prospects of becoming a truly prosperous trader. Moreover, if you have already faced some challenges and experienced some losses trading in one or more markets, you are that much more apt to decide for yourself what your next step should be. Although they say we should learn from other people’s mistakes, even if you have made the mistakes we are going to discuss here, you probably know that almost every professional trader undergoes some level of disappointment in the process of gaining invaluable experience, which in itself is a reason strong enough for you to diversify your array of trading knowledge and skills.

Quite interestingly, the experiences of penny stock traders appear to be quite comparable to the ones of crypto traders. Both are often pushed to respond to quite pressing invitations to invest, further entailing an idea that one should not miss such rare opportunities to earn a profit. What is more, the common sites traders use to track trends and exchange ideas on lucrative investments are frequently the very places where the most enthusiastic supporters share inconsequential conclusions and thus mislead others into making unwise investment decisions. With such elevated emotions and stories which are blown out of proportions more often than not, penny stock traders become susceptible to hidden psychological manipulation. Because they are so closely involved with the group, these traders start trusting far-fetched ideas which their peers keep reinforcing one after the other.

As the underlying reasons for such miscalculations are mainly related to hope, shared by all participants jointly highlighting their wish to succeed, an individual can slowly start distrusting their own analytical skills. Placing one’s trust in the wrong hands can even lead to overlooking some real investment opportunities just because of the lack of hype surrounding these monumental events. In assessing various pieces of information traders come by, many times traders mistake interest for value, failing to recognize that some of the news receiving the least attention can actually indicate some very real lucrative investment opportunities. As a result of being so caught up believing whatever information available, these traders’ sense of what is right and wrong becomes heavily impaired. At this point, such traders are so oblivious to the accompanying risks that they in fact resemble poker players who invest $100 to earn 20 times more only to lose everything by the time the night ends.

This parallel between penny stock and cryptocurrency traders’ experiences should only serve as an example of how you can protect yourself from harming your financial stability and repetitively falling for the same trap. Therefore, to safeguard future investments, every trader should strive to implement some essential skills, which successful forex traders appear to display more prominently than those in other markets. With so many individuals having become deeply immersed in the cult-like crypto community, you may want to begin to assess how much your decision-making depends on groupthink.

While drawing constructive conclusions does entail a substantial degree of research, relying on a single-perspective source both deprives you of valuable insight and limits objectivity to a great extent. Moreover, although investing does imply a certain level of risk, deciding to go all-in actually goes against some basic trading principles. Besides, to be able to secure some stable, sustainable profit, you should start thinking about a strategy before you set out to reach your goals, as this will prevent some very probable misfortunes. As a crypto trader, you may have already missed some steps discussed here, but if you perceive your failures as invaluable lessons, you will help yourself to adopt a powerful mindset that allows the experience to transform into success.

You can always extend your cryptocurrency portfolio and turn to some other markets as well since you know now how experience in one market can affect your chances of amassing a fortune in some other ones. As we could see from the examples above, so many crypto and penny investors had to learn the hard way which key skills they require to avoid common trading mistakes. Nonetheless, due to the extensive array of experiences, lessons, and trading examples, you may now begin to grasp the importance of sensibly and logically analyzing one’s strategies, devising a strategic and well-thought-out plan, and intelligently growing an independent investor mindset, which are all considered essential forex trading skills.


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