Chart Clipper Indicator Review


Chart Clipper is an indicator that was published to the mql5 marketplace by the ISO Financial Services developer Payam Khataei in March of 2014. The indicator was last updated to version 4.32 in 2019.


This indicator is a simple organizational tool that allows traders to effectively analyze multiple charts at once. While using Chart Clipper, traders can categorize open charts, access a large number of those charts, or quickly auto-switch between them. The indicator is compatible with MT4 and runs alongside EAs and alerting indicators on PC and tablets with no issues. There is an unlimited number of chart groups and traders can categorize the charts by symbol names, timeframes, or any combination based on their personal preferences.


Service Cost

The cost of this indicator is $32 USD and it comes with a few extra activations (8 in total), but there isn’t an option for renting. The price is fairly standard and users are given the opportunity to test this indicator using a free demo account before buying.


Chart Clipper is a helpful tool that allows traders to organize their charts and to efficiently switch between them. Users are generally very accepting of this indicator, which has acquired a four-star rating. Take a look at what these users are saying:

“You set up your charts the way you like it for a certain group, edit the bottom label and voila they are grouped together depending on the label you gave each chart!! You can then switch between these views immediately without setting anything else up as the indicator inserts the shortcuts automatically according to the name you labeled your groups. It is really that simple, amazing programming.” -SpeedBug

“On the laptop, it is absolutely essential. There is no other way to trade charts when you really need to look at each chart periodically. It is also easier to focus on the charts when you don’t try to look at 12 all at the same time.” -Michael

While we’re confident that this EA does its job well, the bottom line is whether this simple indicator is worth its $32 price. Sure, it’s helpful, but other indicators tend to show us trends and guide users in making effective trading decisions. If cluttered charts are driving you crazy, then the price could definitely be worth the investment.

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