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Virtual Killer Trade EA Review


Virtual Killer Trade is an EA created in September 2019 by Antonis Michos, a very active developer in the MQL market channels. Recently this EA has been updated, and the developer claims it is a very good tool because it guides you when opening each trade.

After opening the trade, a smart system begins to manage that trade and you don’t have to worry when to close it or when you should open a second or a third trade. Like any EA, you connect, you wait for the signal, you open the trade and then you can forget about trading, the robot will do it for you.

For more experienced traders, you no longer have to wait for a signal, you can open a trade manually and then let the EA work the position.


Trading with a one-minute time frame is the recommendation made by the creator of EA. The EA can open operations on each TF, but will manage it differently. Any currency pair can be traded by this EA. Initial capital of USD 1000 is recommended. You can start with less capital but you need experience in the markets to have a balance of less than 1000 USD in your account.


Drawdown: By increasing it from 1 to higher the mechanism of overlapping closing positions will be activated when each open trade has more than 1 USD of loss.

Minutes period: Set the minutes of the time frame used by EA (M1).

Seqbaselots: The initial lot of the trade MANUAL (one to sell one to buy).

Initiates: The lot size that opens the EA after the trade manual, (One to sell and buy)

Multiplyonloss: The lot size multiplier that opens the EA after making a manual trade, (One to sell and buy).

Volumeupperlimit: The maximum lot size of the EA position is allowed to open. (e. g up to 0.15 lot position.

Important: You must change the “period of minutes” of input depending on the TF you want. e. g 5 for 5 min, 60 for 1H, etc.


In short, we are talking about an EA that seems to be producing good results, since it has only been in the market for a short time, and the ratings of its users are very positive. It also has a point in favor since, for a commercial EA, its price is not very high. The selling price on the MQL market is 120 USD, you can also rent it for 50 USD per month, and test the tool with the free trial version available.

We would have liked the developer to provide users with the operation of the EA in an audited real account, but at the moment, this information is not provided.


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