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Universal Expert Advisor: Comprehensive Review

Universal Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading software that was designed to acquire profits while trading on one’s behalf. The software was created by Vasiliy Sokolov and a premium version of the software is also available from the same developer. 


Universal Expert Advisor is a fully automated EA that can be installed easily enough by beginners, with no need to tamper with the pre-adjusted settings if you’d prefer not to. According to photos on the website, the EA secured profits of more than 7000% over a 9-month period of time while working with an initial deposit of just $300 when it was tested on a live account. Here are a few more of its features:

  • Compatible with the popular MT4 trading platform.
  • Works with the currency pairs EURUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, and USDCAD,
  • Searches for trades day and night.
  • Automated stop loss and take profit are used to protect profits.

When it comes to describing the EA’s specifications, the developer provides much more information for the premium version, which leads us to make some speculation about the product’s details. For example, we know this version works with the currency pairs EURUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, and USDCAD by looking at screenshots, yet the premium version seems to work with all currency pairs. It’s also unclear whether this version works with mini, micro, and standard-sized lots as we see with the premium version or if it is more limited. Overall, there don’t seem to be many differences between this EA and the premium version.

Service Cost

Universal Expert Advisor requires a slim $300 deposit, making it an affordable choice for many beginners. In addition to making the initial deposit, traders will need to pay €300 (roughly $354 USD) to acquire the rights to use the software. This appears to be a lifetime license with demo access; however, the website is rather vague when it comes to describing the number of downloads allowed and other specifics related to purchasing the EA. This does leave us wondering as to why the prices are the same for both the regular and premium versions. Any trader that purchases the software will also have access to free customer support. 


Universal Expert Advisor offers fully automated trading and can be used easily enough by beginners. It is also useful enough to be purchased by more experienced traders looking for a hands-free experience, with no need to adjust settings and no complicated installation to worry about. When compared to the premium version, the cost is the same, but fewer details are provided for this version. Surprisingly, the developer provides much more history and proof of the 7000% profit earnings from this version as compared to the premium version of the software.

To sum things up, we do wish that more specific details were provided for this version, such as the exact currency pairs it works with and etc. and it would be nice to see some user reviews online. Still, the developer does provide a good amount of history dating over 9 months, which proves that this EA is both profitable and efficient.


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