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M15 CCI Scalper EA Review


M15 CCI Scalper EA is a robot created in March 2020 by American developer Thomas Ray Gurchiek. The M15 CCI Scalper EA takes advantage of a group of Exponential Moving Averages and the Commodity Channel Index to find and negotiate within the trend. This expert advisor works very well with EUR/USD and USD/CHF, although it can be tested in other currency pairs, as it will surely also have optimal performance. In the backtests carried out, it has been observed that the time frame that gives the best results is the M15 graph, although it also works very well in M5.

Main features of M15 CCI Scalper EA:

– Does not use toxic and dangerous commercial methods or strategies such as Martingale or Grids.

– Every trade that performs the EA has a Stop Loss, as well as the option to put a Stop Trailing.

– The configuration is very easy and not too complex as most Expert Advisors tend to be. This makes this tool a suitable system to be used by all types of traders, including beginners.

Main parameters of M15 CCI Scalper EA:

  • Use Take Profit
  • Batches appropriate to the balance sheet
  • Possibility to use Stop Trailing
  • Each operation is accompanied by a Stop Loss

The recommended settings for M15 CCI Scalper EA are:

Time frame: M15 or M5

Most suitable symbols: EUR/USD and USD/CHF, these two are often known as inverse pairs. This algorithm works very well together, although it can work well with other currency pairs as well.

  • Take Profit: will be located at 0.0030.
  • Batches: The format of batches is 0.00
  • Final stop: 100,0 (points) or 0 without final stop.
  • Stop Loss: will be located 0.0025.

In short, we are talking about a very simple EA, which the author explains very well on the basis of which it works. Specifically the use of a group of Exponential Moving Averages and the Commodity Channel Index. If you understand how these indicators work, you will understand very well how the robot works.

Anyway, you can download the free demo version to verify the functioning of this EA and see if it can be profitable and fits your trading style.

For the use of this type of EA, it is recommended to use a dedicated virtual server (VPS) not to miss any robot transaction, otherwise, you must leave your computer on 24/7. It is also important to have an ECN account on a reliable broker with low latency so that orders are executed in the shortest time possible. Because M15 CCI Scalper EA is a newly created tool, there are no comments or criticisms of it from users who have already purchased and tested it.

M15 CCI Scalper EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 30 USD, not being available a version for rent as we speak of a fairly affordable EA.


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