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Mad Desire Forex EA Review

Mad Desire EA is an automated system created in April 2020 by developer Yury Emeliyanov. The creator gives us a series of guidelines to keep in mind before we start using Mad Desire EA.

The currency pairs that have given the best test results for this robot are EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD. This circumstance does not mean that we cannot use them in other currency pairs, but it is in these that we have tested with optimal results.


Mad Desire EA should be taken as a long-term strategy, as the time frame recommended by the developer is D1. It is possible to run it in other time frames, but the results will obviously vary.

Operation of Mad Desire EA

-Opening (signal of the entrance).

-Open a new long position in Moving Average (Exponential, Open, 1, 0) when all of the following logical conditions are met:

-The bar opens below the moving average (weighted, open, 37, 0) after opening above it; and the bar opens above the moving average* (Simple, Close, 12, 0).

-Open a new short position in Moving Average (Exponential, Open, 1, 0) when all of the following logical conditions are met:

-The bar opens above the moving average (weighted, open, 37, 0) after opening below it; and the bar opens below the moving average* (Simple, Close, 12, 0).

-Closing (signal of exit)

-Close an existing long position in the Upper Band of the Donchian Canal (12, 1).

-Close an existing short position in the Donchian Canal Lower Band (12, 1).

Handling of Additional Input Signals

Input signal in the direction of the current position:

  • No averages are allowed.
  • Cancel any additional orders that are in the same direction.

Input signal in the opposite direction: No modification of the current position is allowed. Cancel any additional command that is in the opposite direction.

Size of the Operations

The trade sizes will change, depending on the percentage of your account that you want to assume in each trade.

The recommendation is as follows:

  • Opening of a new trade – 1% of the net worth of the account.
  • The strategy does not provide for a permanent limitation of losses.
  • The Take Profit is programmed to close a position at 2734 profit points.

Average rules apply only to input signals. Output signals close a position. They cannot open, add, or reduce one.

Other Features of this Robot

  • Strategy Properties
  • Handling of additional input signals.
  • Next signal behavior of the same direction – Does nothing.
  • Next behavior of the opposite direction signal – Does nothing.
  • Size of the operations

Trading a percentage of your account. Percentage values show the portion of the equity account used to cover the required margin.

  • The maximum number of open lots is 100.
  • Number of entry lots for a new trade – 1% of the account’s equity
  • Stop Loss – None.
  • Take Profit of 2734 points.

As in all Eas, it is recommended to use a VPS or virtual server, and in case of lack thereof, to leave our computer on 24/7. It is also important for the broker to provide you with an ECN account and to have low latency so that transactions can be executed as quickly as possible.

In short, we are talking about an automated system whose operation has not been made clear to us. An issue that we did not like was the absence of Stop Loss. We think that a system that does work with Take Profit should also use a Stop Loss.

The tool is newly created so there are currently no ratings by users of the MQL market. We think it wise to allow time for this tool to mature and evaluate its results according to the experiences of other users. But what we can do is download the demo version and check what the development of this robot is.

We think it’s a fairly simple system, and its price is quite affordable, 30 USD. It is also possible to rent it for 1 month for 10 USD, or for 3 months for 15 USD.


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