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Bot Gap Expert Advisor Review


Bot Gap EA is a robot created in March 2020 by Russian developer Alfiya Fazylova. Alfiya Fazylova is a prolific creator of automated trading tools, many of which are available on the MQL market. Advisor Bot Gap is an automated trading robot designed to work in real-time. The advisor’s algorithm uses the well-known price recovery effect after the creation of the price gap.

In trade, the gap appears after the weekend, Friday through Monday. According to our evidence, this is the kind of price difference that is most appropriate for this strategy. Since the resulting window is more likely to be closed by a subsequent price variation.

Like any EA, Bot Gap has the standard benefit of queues in points. This type is not very effective in some tools, and for a more accurate selection of tp size, the robot has an adaptive benefit bar whose size fits the size of the gap.

There is also a timeout stop, to limit losses and a standard end stop, to record profits in case you fail to achieve the goal of a clean profit. At will, the feet (stop loss, rake profit, and trailing stop) can be set virtual, invisible to the broker. When switching stops to virtual mode, you should remember that this mode will not store shutdown levels on the server. The shutdown will be carried out by the retail robot itself, determining the closing time and sending a request to the server.

In addition, to protect the deposit and record profits, there are three shutdown functions. The first two functions are the closing of the total gain and the loss in the symbol. As soon as the total result of the open transactions on the instrument reaches the established value, the advisor will close all warrants. The third function is to close positions on a given day of the week. With this function, you can set the optimal time for “life” transactions, usually two days.

Bot Gap opens a fixed lot or payment order, depending on the return loss or equivalent. The advisor does not have a universal setup, and before you start with a real account, make sure to optimize the advisor’s input parameters. To increase the test speed and optimize, remember to disable the information panel (Show information panel = false).

There are few in the basic tools of the GEP, and consequently, the robot trade also opens little. But it compensates with precise inputs and trade in several instruments at the same time.

Some of the key input parameters are:

-% SL – Lot relative to the specified loss stop, the batch size is calculated such that when the sale is closed at the moose stop, its loss is equal to that given in the parameter % risk SL.

-% Capital – Lot is calculated from the percentage of shares specified in the % Risk Capital parameter.

-% SL is the percentage of loss on the deposit when closing the loss.

-% Equity Risk – the percentage of shares.

-Virtual Sl, Tp, Trailing – enables virtual stop loss, profit, and trailing stop mode.

Type Take Profit – Stop Trail Type:

  • The Gep ratio is the final stop size equal to gap, Take Profit (Gep Ratio).
  • Take Profit (Ratio of Gep) is a k gap factor to calculate the amount of profit.
  • Take Profit (Points) – the size of credits at a fixed rate.
  • Stop Loss is the size of the lap stop.
  • Final start – distance from the opening price to the start of the trawl.

Close gain (0-false) – closing all orders on the character when its common benefit is reached, in the zero function it is turned off.

Close loss (0-false) – close all orders on the symbol when your total loss of the given value is reached, to 0 the function is disabled.

Closing by the day of the week – the closing of all orders on a given day of the week.

In short, we are talking about an EA that takes advantage of the Gaps that are on the market at the opening on Monday, after the weekend. It’s a novel way to trade for a robot. Because it is a newly created tool, Bot Gap EA does not currently have reviews from users who have proven the robot’s behavior.

Remember that it is highly advisable, when working with an EA, to have a dedicated virtual server (VPS) so as not to miss the robot commands, or to leave the computer on 24/7. Also having an ECN account in a reliable broker is also very important so that transactions are executed in the shortest time possible.

We recommend downloading the free demo version in order to be able to test the robot and know how it works, as well as the prospects of profitability that it can offer us. Bot Gap EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 40 USD.


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