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Scalp Trader EA Review

Scalp Trader EA is a robot created in March 2020 by Bulgarian developer Stefan Petkov. Stefan Petkov is a prolific creator of automated trading tools and has many of them on the MQL market. If you have purchased The Ultimate Trader or Multi Matrix Trader PM, also from the same creator, the author gives a free trial of this EA.

Scalp Trader EA is a scalping merchant who is currently trading with real money. The author is not relying on supporting evidence but relies on his knowledge and experience in the Forex market.


There is a live signal monitoring, where you can see that this EA has achieved 321% profitability in 4 years of operation. Please note that the Backtest has been performed on the MT5 platform due to its better ability to check different time frames and different currency pairs at the same time, however, if you want to backtest the MT4 version can activate the single pair mode.

Scalp Trader EA is a unique business interface and fully automated professional software designed to generate solid profits that exceed the average expectations of the Forex market, therefore with a very low level of reduction.

Scalp Trader is currently trading the following Forex pairs:





Scalp Trader EA should not be revised as a simple Expert Advisor, but as a solid and sophisticated trading interface, where various inputs and output logic are combined depending on prevailing market conditions. The software is using different time frames to select the most accurate locations for market inputs and outputs, time and price filters, various pro-technical indicators trading specially designed and developed for the needs of Scalp Trader to ensure the opening of operations on the profitable side of the market. Each transaction has placed a STOP LOSS to protect the entire investment.

The built-in options allow each customer to select for themselves that frames Scalp Trader EA to trade:

– in the short term and/or

– in the medium term and/or

– long term

To see which configurations are best adapted to the expectation of own benefits and the acceptance of risk (the meaning of risk acceptance is to select all the specific time modes that define the duration of operations).

Scalp Trader EA requirements:

* Minimum funds required: 1000 USD

VPS is a must, otherwise, you will have to leave your computer on 24/7.

* The Scalp Trader can work with any broker that transmits a low spread – STP/DMA is preferable, and also low latency to ensure that transactions are executed in the shortest time possible.

* EA is suitable with leverage as low as 1:25.

In short, we are talking about an EA that bases its operation on scalping, although the author does not give many details about the tools used by this EA. We will have to rely on the experience you have performing automated systems.

Since it is a newly created tool, no reviews or reviews are available at the moment from users who have already tested the EA. So our recommendation is to download the free demo version and in this way know how the EA works and be able to check if it can be profitable and fits our trading style or not.

Scalp Trader EA is for sale on the MQL market at a price of 4,900 USD, certainly, a price within the reach of very few traders, and no version is available for rent.


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